Leftists planned riots to frame patriots, public opinion has awakened and justice will prevail

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Image: Leftists planned riots to frame patriots, public opinion has awakened and justice will prevail

(Natural News) Summary: Leftists arrange Antifa members to disguise as Trump supporters to storm Congress, McConnell sentences patriots as thugs before trial, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously silence Trump, U.S. doomsday planes take off, and Trump activates the National Guard.

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  1. The Truth About the Congressional Storming

When Congress went into debate and was about to present evidences of election fraud, Antifa members who had mingled with the ranks of Trump supporters were brought in by police to storm Congress and then quickly disappeared, with police shooting a woman to death. McConnell defined patriots who demonstrated peacefully as riot-mongers before trial. Leftist members have already threatened that if Trump concedes defeat, he will meet the fate of Gaddafi and Saddam. Social media silenced Trump to lead public opinion, advised Trump to accept reality and concede defeat, sarcastically said Trump is all about his own fame and fortune, and vilified Trump for causing today’s chaotic situation.

  • How is Trump Likely to Respond?

Still do not give up the legal solution! Trump has been trying to solve the problems through the law. Although the law has basically failed, Trump still did not give up, still hope to change the election results through the senators’ debate in Congress and the presentation of evidences.

Recognize the essence and give up the illusion! Trump has never recognized the extreme evil nature of the CCP. After the Congress storming incident, I hope he will deeply realize the nature of the CCP. See it thoroughly this is not an election, but a war of life or death between you and me, and it is useless to speak civilly with hooligans.


Thunder action in a timely manner! Lastly, fellow fighters and all American patriots pray that President Trump will take thunder action immediately to restore order in America and strike the real enemy, CCP, since the legal channels have completely failed.

  • What do Fellow Fighters Think?

Public opinion has awakened! Those who stormed the Congress, besides the Antifa who smashed and looted, were also angry patriots. The incident of storming the Congress is to tell the opponents that the fire of public opinion cannot be suppressed. The water that was previously heated to 99 degrees short of 1 degree finally boiled over. It is just like the Hong Kong democrats who stormed the Legislative Council were not wiped out, but instead ignited the vocal Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Movement.

Pence’s performance was no surprise. Pence had the choice of “certifying Trump, certifying Biden and giving up certifying either side” in a joint session of the House and Senate. In the end, he chose to certify Biden, which was an expected result.

We are confident. Trump’s previous success of presidential campaign and his current re-election campaign are not only his personal will, but also the decisions of the righteous forces behind him. The gathering of millions of people in Washington DC is not for no reason, it represents a tremendous force behind Trump. The final outcome is not determined by Trump or Biden, but by the ultimate global showdown between the forces of good and evil. We firmly believe that the 2,000-year-old Christian civilization will prevail over the 100-year-old communism.

  • One-sentence News

Twitter silenced Trump for 12 hours, meanwhile Facebook silenced Trump for 24 hours.

ZeroHedge tweeted that the US is considering delisting Alibaba and Tencent.

U.S. Air Force doomsday planes took off again.

President Trump has activated the National Guard.

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