Nevada’s secretary of state busted exporting sensitive voter data to Pakistani company

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Image: Nevada’s secretary of state busted exporting sensitive voter data to Pakistani company

(Natural News) It is becoming more apparent by the day that the deep state and allied media and political interests hated President Donald Trump so badly they spent months, and maybe even years, figuring out a way to steal the 2020 election so they could be rid of him.

And the most recent evidence of this emanates from Nevada, where, for once, a Republican presidential contender was actually ahead and on pace to win the reliably blue state.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Phil Waldron, who has been leading a team of forensic information technology analysts in examining ‘voting irregularities’ in several key battleground states this election cycle, revealed bombshell information this week regarding alleged actions taken by the chief election official in Nevada. (Related: BREAKING – GAME OVER: Dominion voting machines LIVE HACKED during Georgia Senate hearing.)

Specifically, Waldron told One America News that Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, a Republican no less, forwarded personally identifiable voter information in the form of actual voter rolls to Pakistan-based firm Kavtech, a business intelligence company that has close ties to the ISI, or Pakistan’s crack intelligence agency.

“The Nevada secretary of state exported basically the whole personally-identifiable information, the voter rolls, to a company called Kavtech in Pakistan that has close ties to the Pakistani ISI, or the inner services intelligence agency of Pakistan,” he said. 

He went on to explain that the company specializes in creating messaging — information warfare ops, which Waldron is intimately familiar with — perhaps, in this case, to influence election outcomes in Nevada.

“You are trying to create either an action or an inaction in a specific target audience,” he said, noting that Kavtech’s software packages can be used to “push messages back out” to voters in the hopes of manipulating electoral outcomes.

Big League Politics noted: 

Waldron has been one of the most credible whistleblowers to emerge detailing the grotesque fraud that took place on election night. He testified at a hearing last month about fraud in the state of Arizona. Waldron said that the U.S. is the victim of “information warfare” because of lack of oversight with regards to voting machines that “can be hacked to manipulate votes.”


The entire political establishment is intent upon sweeping the most heinous crime in U.S. history under the rug, but heroic whistleblowers like Waldron will not make it easy for Big Brother to memory hole the truth of what occurred on election day.

At the Arizona hearing, Trump campaign lead attorney Rudy Giuliani told state Republican lawmakers that the election fraud fix was in this year.

“We have been warned for twenty years that going to major mail-in ballots … will be fraught with tremendous fraud. We were warned by former President Jimmy Carter,” he said, citing a report by Carter, a Democrat, and George H. W. Bush’s secretary of state James Baker III that widespread use of mail-in ballots invited massive vote fraud (which is what happened).

“You, the legislature of Arizona, have the plenary power to regulate the selection of electors in a presidential election,” he continued. 

He went on to argue that “the Supreme Court has ruled that state Houses and Senates can reclaim the power to name electors…Your political career is worth losing to save the right to vote in America. At times in our history, men and women stepped forward to defend Americans’ rights and liberties.”

Waldron told the Arizona state GOP lawmakers that the U.S. was victimized by a massive “information warfare” campaign during this election cycle mostly due to a lack of security surrounding voting machines, including those used in their state.

He also said the machines “can be hacked to manipulate votes,” and that appears to have happened as well. 

Unless or until elected leaders forget about what criticisms they might receive or what names they might be called and do the right thing, vote fraud will continue to run rampant in America, meaning our electoral process — the last functional institution — is now broken as well.

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