Oppressed groups urge US to declare CCP a “transnational criminal organization”

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Image: Oppressed groups urge US to declare CCP a “transnational criminal organization”

(Natural News) Groups that suffered oppression under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have called on the U.S. to brand it as a “criminal organization.” Representatives of these groups met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Dec. 3 during a gathering organized by advocacy group Committee on Present Danger: China (CPD). The event was the first instance CCP-oppressed groups met with State Department officials such as Pompeo, his policy adviser Miles Yu and Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Robert Destro.

Representatives from the Tibetan, Uighur and Inner Mongolian ethnic groups graced the meeting, organized under the “Captive Nations Coalition” banner. In addition, representatives from the Hong Kong pro-democracy camp, Falun Gong and those affected by Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) were in attendance.

CPD Vice Chairman Frank Gaffney said the groups hoped to convey their experiences of suppression under the Chinese government, in order to advance that “all of us are under threat from the global, totalitarian ambitions of the [CCP].” He added that the representatives urged the Trump administration to designate the CCP as a “transnational criminal organization” under U.S. law.

Gaffney later told The Epoch Times affiliate NTD Television that the designation would help “de-legitimize the most odious and most dangerous entity in the world.” In addition, he said it would also send a message to those in China “trying to empower, enrich, enable and embolden this most dangerous entity” that they would become accessories to the CCP’s criminal activity with their actions.


Some representatives who graced the meeting emphasized why U.S. support is key

Project Black Mask President Joyce Ho said she told Pompeo during the meeting that the U.S. must continue fighting for the people of Hong Kong. “If we don’t have the support of the U.S. government, it seems that Hong Kong will go down the path of becoming the next Uighur population or the next Tibet,” the head of the U.S.-based advocacy group for the special administrative region warned NTD.

Meanwhile, Sean Lin of the Falun Dafa Association of Washington thanked Pompeo for strongly condemning the persecution of Falun Gong adherents. He also emphasized the CCP’s forced organ harvesting on imprisoned adherents, which had been occurring for years. The secretary of state previously called on the Chinese government to end its suppression of the movement’s followers back in July.

Lin remarked that Pompeo was “well aware” of the forced organ harvesting issue and that the State Department was looking into the issue. “I think in the future, we will hear more about the crime of organ harvesting being exposed.”

The Chinese government’s human rights abuses have been well documented

The CCP’s suppression and human rights abuses against different groups – regardless of ethnicity, belief system or political affiliation – have been well documented.

It has embarked on a campaign to suppress a number of ethnic minorities, most especially the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in the western autonomous region of Xinjiang. Muslim Uighurs are subjected to illegal detention and brainwashing in concentration camps. Some are sent to perform forced labor in factories during the day and are forced to attend Mandarin and “patriotic” re-education classes at night. (Related: WE’RE ALL SLAVES: China’s Uyghur forced labor slaves are making the face masks worn by Americans.)

Prior to the Muslim Uighurs, Tibetan Buddhists have also bore the brunt of the Chinese government’s totalitarianism. The CCP has ordered the destruction of Tibetan prayer flags, restricted monasteries in the region and intensified its suppression of the native Tibetan language: Officials have described the native Tibetan tongue as a “vessel for separatism.”

Falun Gong adherents also face oppression under the Chinese regime. The CCP’s campaign against Falun Gong which began in 1999 saw the movement’s followers being imprisoned and their organs forcibly harvested. An independent people’s tribunal found in 2019 following an investigation that the Chinese government backed Falun Gong organ harvesting for years. (Related: The Chinese government is generating a fortune by harvesting organs from religious prisoners … and nobody is doing anything about it.)

Pro-democracy groups in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have also faced persecution by the CCP following the passing of a national security law. The island’s law enforcement has used brutal force against protesters calling for democracy in the past six months. The CCP’s crackdown clearly violates the “one country, two systems” principle applied in Hong Kong ever since the British returned it to China in 1997.

Find out more news about the Chinese regime’s insidious persecution of various groups at Tyranny.news.

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