When CDC vaccine policy meets libtard “science”

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Image: When CDC vaccine policy meets libtard “science”

(Natural News) Now that President Donald Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have been released, “scientists” are trying to figure out who should receive the jabs first. Their conclusion thus far is that browns, blacks and other non-whites should be first in line, regardless of risk, because this represents “progress.”

Even though the elderly, many of whom have lighter skin, are the only real at-risk group that will suffer much of anything following a positive test for the China Virus, the “woke” who work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with other decision-making agencies, want to pass them up in favor of “minority” groups who “deserve” to be jabbed first because of past “oppressions.”

While the alleged efficacy of the WuFlu vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are said to be upwards of 90 percent, the CDC has, for whatever reason, reduced that number to about 70 percent. At the same time, the agency’s scientists are deliberately ignoring the fact that the elderly, who are on the verge of dying anyway, are once again the only truly at-risk group in terms of potentially having a rough encounter with COVID-19.

The risk of someone 70 years of age or older dying with COVID-19 is reportedly 270 times higher than it is for people between the ages of 18-50. This would suggest, assuming that COVID-19 vaccines actually work, that those who are 70-plus should be vaccinated first.

This is not how things are playing out, though, as “minorities” and celebrities are supposedly cutting to the front of the line – the assumption being that COVID-19 vaccines are a good thing that people actually want.


“The NYT (New York Times) explained why this was fair, and now many states are implementing vaccination plans based on Jo’s model – resulting in hardly anyone over 70 being vaccinated,” one Twitter user wrote about the fiasco.

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50,000 elderly could die monthly because of COVID-19 vaccine political correctness

Recognizing that old people are the highest risk group for COVID-19 associated deaths, one would think that the CDC, which has long worshipped all things vaccination, would be wanting them to get the jab first. This would make the most sense in terms of saving lives, would it not?

Instead, the CDC is skipping the elderly entirely, in many areas, which the same quoted Twitter user referenced earlier says will result in tens of thousands of elderly people needlessly dying every single month.

“Based on our current death rate, every month that those over 70 are not vaccinated, another 50k people will die,” that person writes. “Another 12k from 50-70. Not only are these deaths tragedies in themselves, these deaths will be used by the media and unions to keep schools and businesses closed.”

Those who came up with this new “woke” scientific method probably see this as a good thing, though, and themselves as virtuous for coming up with it. As long as those discriminating against old white people continue to wear a mask religiously while socialistically distancing from others at all times, then in their own minds they are doing their part to help “stop the spread.”

All of this nonsense epitomizes the corporate “science” model of 2020, which completely ignores facts and reality in exchange for imagined perceptions of “equality” and “fairness.” Racism and healthcare deprivation among “privileged” white people, it turns out, is simply the latest brand of “social justice” that aims to “right the wrongs” of the past through discrimination against people with light skin tones.

There are “deadly consequences” to “ignoring data and perverting science to serve an agenda,” and yet this is how the CDC conducts science in the age of COVID-19 – not that anyone who is sane really wanted these vaccines to begin with, it is important to reiterate.

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