Brazil’s Supreme Court rules against human rights, supports mandatory coronavirus vaccines

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Image: Brazil’s Supreme Court rules against human rights, supports mandatory coronavirus vaccines

(Natural News) Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro recently said he would not partake in the coronavirus vaccine experiment. Now the Supreme Court of Brazil is trying to make Brazilians believe that they have no rights, that they have to take the shots or they will be excluded from the rest of society. A mob of ten out of eleven justices on Brazil’s Supreme Court support mandatory coronavirus vaccines, an assault on the principles of informed consent and medical privacy.

An unvaccinated person is NOT a filthy vector of disease, guilty of spreading diseases they do not have, just because a pharmaceutical company says so. Likewise, it is not a crime to be exposed to the environment, to acquire infections, and gain lifelong immunity to a long list of pathogens. This Supreme Court ruling is an assault on human intelligence and human dignity.

Brazil Supreme Court green-lights terrorism of the unvaccinated

Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lewandowski wrote that anyone who refuses the new vaccines could face sanctions from federal, state and local governments. Lewandowski said, “the aggregate well-being can’t be hurt by the individuals who purposely decline to be inoculated.”

According to the ruling, individuals who cannot show proof of vaccination will not be able to partake in certain activities or frequent certain buildings, venues or public gatherings. Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled that no one can physically force the shots into people’s bodies, but society could be structured in a way to exclude the unvaccinated. Civil authorities could require proof of vaccination at the local level, punishing individuals who do not submit by imposing fines and social ostracizing.


Only one justice voted against mandatory inoculations. President Bolsonaro supported the lone, dissenting justice: “Nobody can force anybody to take the vaccine. We’re dealing with lives, where is our freedom?”

Brazil Supreme Court supports supreme “collective rights” that trounce individual freedom via mob rule

The federal health ministry of Brazil announced they will purchase 46 million doses of the experimental vaccine, as public health officials work on ways to make everyone submit. Now Brazilian officials at the federal, state and municipal levels have been given the green light to impose legal measures that segregate and discriminate against the unvaccinated.

The Supreme Court of Brazil essentially believes pharmaceutical companies own human beings and can engineer society to take away freedoms until the people are deprived of their livelihood and human dignity. More maniacal acts of violence have been introduced by public health officials, such as excluding unvaccinated children from school or withholding government benefits from adults who do not submit their bodies to this experiment of force.

Justice Luis Roberto Barroso, one of the mandatory vaccine proponents, said that collective rights must prevail over individual rights, no matter what. He believes that people’s beliefs, medical history and personal understanding of human immunity do not matter, as long as the government promises safety through forced injection. There is no precedence or clear legal definition of “collective rights” because there is no such thing. The term “collective rights” refers to mob rule, an idea that is historically dangerous and a grave threat to human safety, health and freedom.

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