Mainstream media, FBI, DOJ covered up Hunter Biden investigation to help Joe Biden – Trump

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Image: Mainstream media, FBI, DOJ covered up Hunter Biden investigation to help Joe Biden – Trump

(Natural News) President Donald Trump has suggested that mainstream media, as well as the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), kept silent about the recently revealed allegations surrounding Hunter Biden in order to protect his father, former vice president and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

“Why didn’t the Fake News Media, the FBI, and the DOJ report the Biden matter BEFORE the Election?” stated Trump in a tweet on Friday, Dec. 11.

Trump followed this up the next day with a tweet saying that Attorney General William Barr may have known about the allegations during the impeachment inquiry last year.

Mainstream media blocked coverage of Hunter Biden investigation

Hunter Biden and his father’s team recently issued statements that the younger Biden was being investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware over his taxes.

Following this, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine noted that the Hunter Biden story was being suppressed by both mainstream news outlets and social media companies. The NYPost had, in October, cited emails that had allegedly been taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop that showed that he had tried to set up a meeting between a Ukranian energy executive and his father while the latter was still in office – a meeting that Joe Biden’s camp denies having taken place.

“The New York Post story broke on October 14, which is more than two weeks before the election,” Devine said in an interview on Fox & Friends. “It should have been covered, and instead it was actively suppressed. It was ignored.”


When the NYPost‘s story broke out mainstream news outlets instead focused on a narrative claiming the allegations were part of a Russian disinformation plot. At the same time, Twitter blocked people from sharing the paper’s initial story and prevented the newspaper from being able to tweet for several weeks. (Related: Yes, the Hunter Biden emails are authentic.)

“It was all a ruse to get their man over the line in the election, to get Joe Biden across the line with zero scrutiny into what really is a fishy story, and now of course they’re reporting it because they think that they’ve won,” she said.

AG Barr may have also helped cover the investigation up

Led by Trump, Republicans have been quick to argue that the investigation, which reports say has been going on since 2018, is proof positive that Hunter Biden should have been a bigger issue in during the 2020 elections.

“10% of voters would have changed their vote if they knew about Hunter Biden,” stated Trump in a tweet on Dec. 9.

But one Republican has also come under scrutiny for supposedly helping keep the investigation under wraps. According to persons familiar with the matter, Attorney General William Barr has known about the investigations into Hunter Biden since at least this spring and worked to avoid their public disclosure during the campaign.

In July of 2019, Trump had actually talked of involving Barr when he urged the president of Ukraine to announce an investigation into Hunter Biden. This was the same request that led to Trump’s impeachment by the House.

Later that same year, Trump’s Republican allies in Congress had urged Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden and his father.But Barr staved off this and other efforts from his own party for information on the investigations, without elaborating on his actions.

A gulf has seemingly developed between Barr and Trump in recent times. Earlier this month, Barr claimed that there was no evidence of widespread election fraud. This was despite the increasing number of cases that Trump and other Republicans have filed disputing the election’s results.

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