Fraud analyst: Counties that used Dominion machines shifted 2-3% of votes to Democrats

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Image: Fraud analyst: Counties that used Dominion machines shifted 2-3% of votes to Democrats

(Natural News) A fraud detection expert found that counties that used Dominion Voting Systems shifted to voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden from Republican nominee President Donald Trump by an average of two to three points compared to counties that opted not to use their voting machines. This radical shift persisted even when the expert controlled for a variety of factors.

“I recommend that we audit the machines,” concluded Ben Turner, owner of Fraud Spotters, a consulting firm specializing in detecting insurance fraud.

Turner was interviewed by The Epoch Times regarding his analysis. When the alternative news network tried to replicate his analysis using the same data he used, they arrived at the same conclusions. When they reached out to two expert statisticians at two U.S. universities, they found that Turner’s methodology was sound but were both unwilling to have their name published.

Turner said that he is not doing this out of some kind of vendetta against Dominion, but that he is merely reporting what he found. He even mentioned that he was incredulous about the claims that the voting machines affected the outcome of the election until he did some investigating himself.

“I don’t know how to process these allegations,” he said in a blog post on Fraud Spotters’ website. “They sound so extreme and far-fetched that they are easy to blow off as ridiculous.” (Related: Antrim Co. forensic report reveals Dominion machines were set at 68.05% error rate… meaning 68.05% of ballots could be sent out for mass adjudication.)


Instances of Democrat shifts increased as more counties adopted Dominion machines

Turner analyzed how election results changed county by county between 2008 and 2020. He measured whether the adoption of Dominion Voting Systems machines, which were first implemented on a massive scale by New York in 2008, could have affected the results.

Excluding New York, 657 counties all over the country have adopted voting machines provided by Dominion Voting Systems. He found that the use of Dominion’s voting machines was associated with a 1.55 percent decrease in votes for the Republican candidate in the presidential election, and a 1.55 percent increase in votes for the Democratic nominee.

He controlled for a variety of factors to see if this shift persisted. These include race, age, voter preference, differences in county population, the number of votes cast, the split between urban and rural voters, immigration rate, percentage of the population regarded as “low-education” voters, high “natural amenity” areas and high ‘creative class” population.

He found that the results all persisted. According to Turner, this means that there is a 1,000 to one chance that these results simply occurred by chance or due to some other factor that he was unable to observe with his in-depth analysis. He argues that the only explanation for this would be that there was some kind of fraud prevalent in the election.

Turner concludes by saying that the shift in at least four states was enough to flip their results to the Democrats. In Wisconsin, around 2.05 percent of votes in counties using Dominion machines need to shift from the Republicans to the Democrats to turn the state blue. In Nevada, only 2.5 percent of votes. In Georgia, only a razor-thin margin of 0.24 percent of votes. In Arizona, shifting just 0.51 percent of votes in one county – Maricopa County, the most populated in the state – was enough to flip the state for Biden.

“If you believe ‘the Dominion effect’ is real, it is not hard to believe that this effect would be greater in swing states and could have swung these four states into Biden’s column, putting the Electoral College in his favor,” wrote Turner.

In his conclusion, Turner strongly recommends that full forensic audits be conducted on the Dominion machines in Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.

“If this were an insurance company operation, we would have all these investigators investigating the people that we thought were behind the fraud,” said Turner, arguing that a probe should have been conducted the moment the election results came out.

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