MEDICAL EUGENICS: Flu shots are mandatory at Cornell for White people, but “People of Color” (POC) are granted exemptions

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Image: MEDICAL EUGENICS: Flu shots are mandatory at Cornell for White people, but “People of Color” (POC) are granted exemptions

(Natural News) All students enrolled at Cornell University are required to be vaccinated for influenza, unless they qualify as black, “indigenous,” or a “person of color,” in which case they can apply for an exemption.

Because flu shots make some “BIPOC” people, as they call them, uncomfortable, Cornell has decided to allow them medical exemptions based on their skin color, even as their lighter-skinned counterparts are forcibly jabbed with aborted human fetal tissue and other poisons that could kill them.

BIPOC students at Cornell who wish to avoid getting flu shots can simply request that the university forego the requirement “based on historical injustices and current events.”

“Ithaca students with other concerns / extenuating circumstances may request an exemption from the Fall 2020 flu vaccination requirement that is part of the university’s COVID-19 Behavioral Compact,” the school’s website explains.

“Students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color (BIPOC) may have personal concerns about fulfilling the Compact requirements based on historical injustices and current events.”

Because of George Floyd, black Cornell students are free to skip flu jab

To clarify the need for such an exemption, Cornell delineated that “historically, the bodies of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) have been mistreated, and used by people in power, sometimes for profit or medical gain.”

Consequently, it is “understandable,” the school says, that students with darker skin may feel as though the vaccination requirement is “exploitative.”


“Additionally, recent acts of violence against Black people by law enforcement may contribute to feelings of distrust or powerlessness,” the school further maintains. “We know this history and validate the potential concerns it may raise.”

Cornell is clearly referring to the reported deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, which have nothing to do with vaccination, and yet are being used as a catch-all excuse to medically exempt only dark-skinned students from having to get flu shots.

Meanwhile, light-skinned Cornell students, regardless of how they feel about flu shots or vaccinations in general, are afforded no exemptions, and must be forcibly jabbed in order to continue taking courses at the school.

In order to be treated equally, one must now self-identify as “BIPOC”

Since the only requirement necessary to avoid forced flu shots at Cornell is to identify as BIPOC, according to the school, the simple solution is for all of the Ivy League’s students to do just that.

Chemical violence in the form of mandatory flu shots can be avoided by simply self-identifying as BIPOC, and perhaps hitting up the tanning booth beforehand just in case anyone asks any questions.

The same tactic can be used to apply for black-only scholarships, by the way. Simply check the black or BIPOC box on the form and if anyone questions you, accuse them of colorphobia and file a lawsuit for racism and discrimination.

This is the only way white people living in today’s America have any hope for a future. Since everything now caters to “people of color,” whites have no choice but to swim, or else they will sink.

“So exactly ZERO science behind the need for vaccinations then!” wrote one Campus Reform commenter, pointing out that exemptions based on race prove that flu shots, and likely all other vaccines, are medically useless. “These libtards have no self-awareness and don’t even realize that they are talking out of both sides of their mouths! Utter nonsense!”

“What an unmitigated load of liberrhoid drivel,” wrote another. “The bodies of ‘BIPOC’ have ‘historically been mistreated’ alright, but it’s from the drugs and other garbage the ‘BIPOCs” themselves have put into those ‘BIPOC’ bodies.”

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