Survey: 79% of Republican voters do not believe in the legitimacy of the election

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Image: Survey: 79% of Republican voters do not believe in the legitimacy of the election

(Natural News) A survey conducted by mainstream media outlet Politico found that 79 percent of Trump voters do not believe the election was legitimate, and that the president’s victory was stolen from him.

Politico conducted its “2020 Voter Priorities Survey” with the help of polling firm Seven Letter.

The survey found that only 21 percent of Trump voters believe that the results of the 2020 election are valid and that President Donald Trump really did lose to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The poll also found that there is an unprecedented level of distrust among voters regarding the results of the election, especially among Republicans, nearly two-thirds of whom do not accept that Biden is the winner of the election. Only 38 percent of Republican voters accept the results, while 97 percent of Democrats do.

Furthermore, at least 83 percent of Republican voters believe the president when he calls mainstream media outlets the “enemy of the people,” compared to 72 percent of Democrat voters who believe that large media conglomerates play an important role in preserving the country’s democratic institutions.

The Politico survey also showed the partisan divide between the two parties widening tremendously. Eighty-one percent of Republicans and 77 percent of Democrats feel that they have lost a lot of respect for voters of the other camp than they did four years ago.

Among these partisan divides is what voters think of the Electoral College. Sixty-one percent of Republicans think the college should be kept, compared to 41 percent of independent voters and only 32 percent of Democrats. Fifty-nine percent of Democratic voters want to disenfranchise rural voters by replacing the Electoral College with a popular vote system.


Interestingly, 28 percent of Democrats think that Biden should only serve one term, after which he should step down. (Related: Dem calls for disbarment of ALL Trump attorneys, because taking away your right to speak isn’t enough; now they STEAL your elections and BAN your lawyers.)

The Politico and Seven Letter survey was conducted online on 1,500 voters from Nov. 10 to 19. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percent.

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Trump frontrunner among Republican voters for the 2024 election

The survey also found that a whopping 66 percent of Republican voters want Trump to come back and run again for president in 2024.

When the survey participants were given a list of potential presidential nominees for the 2024 general election, Trump was considered the clear frontrunner, with 60 percent of Republicans indicating that they would most likely support him if he ran again.

Trump was followed by Vice President Mike Pence, who garnered 58 percent support. They were then followed by Donald Trump Jr., Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who got 34 percent, 32 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

Other people on the list included Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, First Lady Ivanka Trump, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Democrats and independents were also asked this question. Democrats’ top three picks were Pence, Trump Sr. and Cruz, while independents’ top three were Pence, Haley and Trump Sr.

It should also be noted that 63 percent of GOP voters believe that the president should fight for the election in the Supreme Court, and 38 percent want Trump to refuse to give up power and remain in the White House.

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