Pennsylvania calls for election audit: Poll results not to be certified until audit is complete

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Image: Pennsylvania calls for election audit: Poll results not to be certified until audit is complete

(Natural News) Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have called for an election audit after allegations of vote fraud to favor Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have surfaced. The Philadephia Inquirer reported that around two dozen GOP members from both chambers called for an “investigatory committee with subpoena power” to conduct an immediate audit.

GOP members in the state’s lower house proposed a similar measure before the elections but abandoned it after Democrats raised concerns. According to the Democrat lawmakers, the measure would be used to hold ballots and interrogate election officials – delaying the certification of the poll results.

The measure has gained ground more than ever, following allegations that undermine the integrity of the Nov. 3 polls. Republican State Rep. Dawn Keefer said her offices and that of other legislators had been “overwhelmed with calls, emails and other messages from constituents who are confused and outraged by the circumstances surrounding this election.”

Prior to this move by the GOP members in Pa., House Speaker Bryan Cutler called on Gov. Tom Wolf last week to audit the election before the state’s results are certified on Nov. 23. Cutler said in his letter that inconsistencies from election-related state guidelines and court rulings have “cast an unnecessary cloud on the election process.” He added: “We must take every possible step to ensure that all Pennsylvanians and all Americans know that our Commonwealth has conducted the general election with integrity.”

Speaking to reporters on Nov. 10, Cutler said he wasn’t concerned with who won or who lost. Rather, he expressed concern over the fact that “people no longer have faith in the process.”


The move follows Trump’s call to examine alleged vote fraud

The call by GOP legislators in Pa. to audit election results echoes President Donald Trump’s call to investigate voter fraud. Trump had a definite lead in the state a day after the election, garnering almost 56 percent of the votes. However, 700,000 votes for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared out of thin air – giving the former vice president a razor-thin lead over Trump.

Worse, election officials in the state appear to be complicit with the plan to make Biden win. They prohibited observers to access the convention center where ballots are being counted and have sent local law enforcement to make sure no one enters – despite a court order requiring the facility to permit outsiders to view the tabulation.

With these instances of election fraud as clear as day, the Trump campaign has called to investigate these irregularities and has even allocated some of its resources for this endeavor. It set up a hotline and website for people who wish to report suspected vote fraud: Tipsters can call the hotline at 888-630-1776 or submit leads through the website.

Even the judiciary weighed in to prevent further undermining of election results. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito Jr. has ordered that mail-in ballots which arrived after 8:00 p.m. on Nov. 3 be segregated and secured, and if counted – be done so separately. Alito’s order was actually the second one mandating ballot segregation, as Pa. counties ignored an earlier order by the Supreme Court bench.

Trump himself has reassured he will go the whole nine yards to ensure that vote fraud sponsored by Biden and the Democratic Party will be overturned. In a Nov. 5 press conference, the president remarked he would easily win if legal votes were counted. He added that his team was looking at the illegal votes “very strongly” as these were used to “steal the elections.”

“We can’t be disgraced by having something like this happen. There’s been a lot of shenanigans, and we can’t let that stand in our country,” Trump said. gives you the latest on vote fraud in Pennsylvania and other key battleground states during the Nov. 3 polls.

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