If police are defunded, who will enforce the left’s mask mandates?

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Image: If police are defunded, who will enforce the left’s mask mandates?

(Natural News) For months, leftists all across America have been demanding that police departments be defunded in order to stop abusive behavior by law enforcement. When it comes to policing Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) gathering limits and mask mandates, however, these same leftists are now calling for full-on fascism of the kind that would make Adolph Hitler proud.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio pointed out this hypocrisy in a recent tweet, noting that the same Democrats calling for police officers to be abolished now expect law enforcement to arrest grandma for having too many grandchildren over for Thanksgiving or Aunt Susie for dropping her mask for a few seconds at Costco in order to breathe.

“Democrats #DefundThePolice,” Rep. Jordan wrote. “But then expect the police to enforce their crazy #COVID-19 rules. How about we support the police and let them stop real crimes?”

Rep. Jordan’s tweet comes at a critical time when state leaders, both Democrat and Republican, are demanding that their constituents stay home in isolation and avoid celebrating the holidays because they might catch or spread the “coof.” Republican Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio has demanded such, as has Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York.

Both sides of the political aisle think they can decree new rules and mandates, none of which were legally passed into law by state legislatures, prohibiting free Americans from living normal lives. And the same leftists who have been complaining about police abuse are now loving the fact that the government is demanding, well, more police abuse.


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Most police want to be on good terms with their communities

Truth be told, it would be unrealistic to expect anything different from the left, which will never know what it means to actually hold real principles or values. When it comes to murdering babies in the womb, the left says “my body, my choice.” But when it comes to wearing a mask, it is always “your body, my choice.”

The same goes for law enforcement. When a leftist sees a black thug being arrested and the media calling it “racism,” screeches of “defund the police!” quickly follow. But when a free-thinking American enters a grocery store unmasked, that same leftist howls “arrest him!”

This pick-and-choose “morality” is the only thing leftists know, sadly. They love to pretend as though they hold the moral high ground in every situation, when the reality is that they are self-serving, duplicitous hypocrites who immediately resort to tyrannizing others the moment they do not get what they demand.

They hate the unborn, love big government, and despise people who prefer liberty over being told what to do by the state. They also claim to embrace love while rejecting hate while spewing every vulgarity imaginable at the president and his supporters.

The good news is that most police departments, if not all of them, are refusing to enforce the unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates, probably because they know that none of it would ever stand up in court anyway.

Not only that but policing masks, gatherings, physical distancing and other anti-social restrictions would create an even deeper rift between law enforcement and local communities, which ironically is the exact opposite of what the left claims to have been advocating forever since George Floyd’s name started being plastered all over the news.

“I really don’t want our women and men of the sheriff’s office to be instruments of that oppression,” stated Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones concerning California’s illicit COVID-19 mandates.

“I want folks to call us when they need help, knowing that we are going to show up and make their lives better and make the situation better, and this is the opposite of that.”

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