“Anti-hate” group’s leader calls for white people to be killed

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Image: “Anti-hate” group’s leader calls for white people to be killed

(Natural News) When Black Lives Matter protests took over American cities this summer, it didn’t take long for it to become clear that many of those involved seemed far more interested in putting white people down than lifting black people up. And that feeling is now being pushed to the extreme across the world as calls grow for white men to be killed simply for being white.

For example, in a recent online conference on hate speech, the head of the Portuguese group SOS Racism, Mamadou Ba, talked about the need to “kill the white man.”

The topic of the conference was racism and the advancement of hate speech in the world. Ba, who is originally from Senegal but now lives in Portugal, shared his controversial feelings at the conference, which was attended by people from Portugal and Brazil.

He said that “it is necessary to kill the white man, murderer, colonial, and racist” to “prevent the social death of the black political subject.”

One Portuguese newspaper said that the statement was actually a quote from the far left political philosopher Frantz Fanon, who was known for openly advocating for violence during France’s rule over Algeria. And although the paper said it wasn’t clear whether he was actually quoting the philosopher, the general assumption is that he did so out of agreement with the sentiment.

As usual, George Soros is involved

The group Ba represents, SOS Racismo, is Portugal’s national chapter of SOS Racisme, a movement of NGOs whose stated goal is to fight against racial discrimination. Yet somehow, racial discrimination is perfectly fine with them when it’s against white people.


SOS Racismo has been described as a founding member of the European Network Against Racism, or ENAR. This group is partnered with George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. Many other European so-called “anti-hate” groups also have ties to Soros, such as the UK’s Hope Not Hate, an advocacy group that was identified in a report on far left extremism by the Swedish military.

Europeans recognize the problem of anti-white racism

Unfortunately, Ba’s comments reflect a growing sentiment in Europe. A survey released in June in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests revealed that 47 percent of the French public believe that anti-white racism is a problem. This came shortly after members of a Black Lives Matter demonstration in France appeared in video footage that was posted to social media calling young counter-protesters who called for justice for victims of crimes against white people “dirty Jews.”

The survey also revealed that a quarter of French people believe in Renaud Camus’s theory of the “Great Replacement” that states mass migration is being employed as a means of replacing native people in Europe for reasons such as economic growth.

And at a Black Lives Matter protest in London in July, a person describing themselves as a mixed-race member of the LGBT community states there is “one common enemy: the white man.” He also spoke out angrily about capitalism before adding: “All of these groups of people, the issues they face, it all comes from the same people: white men. So, we need to get rid of them.”

Needless to say, if this individual had been directing these sorts of comments toward any other race, he would have been vilified by social media and in the mainstream media. But somehow these groups and the media don’t seem to mind nearly as much when it’s white men who are the target of hate and death threats.

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