Twitter says fake “president-elect” Joe Biden will be given @POTUS handle in January, no matter what

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Image: Twitter says fake “president-elect” Joe Biden will be given @POTUS handle in January, no matter what

(Natural News) No matter who ends up being the legally decided next president (hint: it will not be Joe Biden), Twitter has already declared that Sleepy Joe will be handed the keys to the official @POTUS handle on January 20.

Even though this means absolutely nothing, seeing as how Twitter is a worthless echo chamber occupied mostly by the dimmest leftists this world has to offer, Jack Dorsey and his Silicon Valley team of low-IQ fascists think that simply putting a little blue check mark next to Biden’s name and calling him the president is how elections work.

Twitter representatives are already said to be in the process of meeting with Biden’s “transition team” to discuss the handle transfer. The social media has-been is also planning to give @whitehouse, @VP, and @FLOTUS to the Biden campaign, Kamala Harris, and Jill Biden, respectively.

Despite mountains of evidence and numerous pending court cases proving election fraud, Twitter has assumed the role of all three branches of government by “actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021.”

Once Twitter’s transition to Biden is complete, all of President Trump’s existing tweets associated with the @POTUS handle will be deleted. Biden will then be able to immediately start pretending he is president on Twitter, much to the delight of his many bot “supporters.”

Twitter is un-American and must be abolished, along with the rest of Silicon Valley

Besides being a far-left tech giant whose employees, generally speaking, hate President Trump, Twitter appears to have a whole lot of skeletons in the closet. Dorsey especially has been accused of covering for child pornographers, hence why he needs a fellow pedophile like Biden in the White House as cover for his evil deeds.


“I think Jack Dorsey is covering up child pornography,” declared Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who along with Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and other American patriots is launching as many legal probes as necessary to get to the bottom of the election fraud scheme.

“This is completely unjustifiable not to cover this story,” Giuliani added about Twitter’s refusal to allow its users to share any news stories or coverage about the Huntergate scandal, which has mysteriously disappeared from the headlines. “It’s completely un-American. It’s inconsistent with everything we were founded to be.”

Giuliani is certainly correct in exposing Twitter as a seditiously un-American scourge within our own borders that is actively working against constitutional republicanism to establish a banana republic run by Democrat dictators.

For at least the past four years, Twitter has been working against American interests by subverting the president and allowing its users to do the same, even as it censors the president and his supporters, restricting their free speech rights while trampling the First Amendment.

A day of reckoning is coming soon, Twitter, so enjoy your play-pretend reality while it lasts. Joe Biden will never be president of the United States, and you can take that one to the bank.

“This is psyche-op, part of which is that Twitter gets to declare who is King,” wrote one commenter at who claims to be a database programmer. “Don’t worry about it, if you are,” this person added about Twitter’s planned transfer of @POTUS to Biden, which is certifiably meaningless.

“Arrogant insipid fools fall the hardest. CEO Twitter has no authority to call anything other than banning, censoring on his own sordid site,” wrote another. “Do whatever gives you your jollies, Twitter – but it is limited to only your site and no further.”

You can learn more about the alternate reality that Twitter is trying to create in which Joe Biden is the American president by visiting

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