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Image: MailChimp bans holistic health expert for teaching truth about Covid-19

(Natural News) A functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner who helps men and women reduce EMF exposure while restoring gut health has been banned by MailChimp for daring to tell the truth about Covid-19.

Linda Wilbert of put together a fact sheet about the Chinese Virus that she tried to send out via an email newsletter to her subscribers, only to have MailChimp interfere and block it.

Just like it did to GreenMedInfo, MailChimp read Wilbert’s content and decided that it was “wrongspeak” because it contradicts what Anthony Fauci and other deep state operatives have declared to be “true” about the plandemic.

The first bullet point in Wilbert’s “Important information about COVID” article reveals that doctors all across the country are being told to mark down any death from any cause as a Covid-19 death. She further provided a link to one example in Illinois.

Wilbert also points out that Dr. Deborah Birx, a supposed “expert” on the subject, admitted herself that all sorts of unrelated deaths are being tabulated as Covid-19 deaths, even if they were merely suspected of having the novel virus.

A YouTube video by Dr. Carrie Madej that is referenced in Wilbert’s article also apparently set off MailChimp because it discusses the upcoming Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines that will soon be released on a mass scale.

This video by Dr. Madej was ultimately removed from YouTube for violating its “Terms of Service,” and Wilbert says the reason is because it discussed how the jabs will more than likely harm and kill many.

“We already know that vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, and some even have aborted fetal tissue,” Wilbert writes, adding that Del Bigtree from The Highwire has some great content on the subject – though he, too, has been banned from YouTube.

For also questioning masks, Wilbert was removed from MailChimp

Another bullet point in Wilbert’s article talks about the infamous face mask, which Bigtree and others have pointed out reduces oxygen intake the longer one wears it.

“He tested the CO2 emission behind a mask while his son was wearing it,” Wilbert explains about Bigtree’s experiment.

Not only that, but wearing a mask makes it difficult to interact with others, especially since it is impossible to read facial expressions while trying to engage with someone face to face.

“This prevents us from communicating properly and we most likely avoid making contact with other people,” Wilbert adds about how masks are contributing to the breakdown of normal, healthy social interactions.

Another thing to keep in mind about masks is that the government has repeatedly switched back and forth concerning their alleged necessity, presumably because the science is far from settled on their safety and effectiveness.

There are many varying viewpoints about masks, all of which draw from various aspects of science, which is why it is critically important that all people be allowed freedom of choice on the matter.

Wilbert also wonders why the government is saying next to nothing about nutrition and other ways to boost the immune system so that it is equipped to tackle whatever type of infection might come its way.

“Why is everyone talking about drugs and the race for a vaccine?” Wilbert asks. “Money is the answer, and if you look at what Bill Gates says then you know where this is going.”

Wilbert also linked to the Plandemic film, which is a big no-no as Big Tech does not approve of the science that it presents in contradiction to the official government narrative.

To learn more about how Big Tech is tightening the noose on free speech in our once-great country, be sure to check out

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