D.C. police intentionally routed Trump supporters through violent crowd of BLM, Antifa

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Image: D.C. police intentionally routed Trump supporters through violent crowd of BLM, Antifa

(Natural News) The so-called “Million MAGA March” that swarmed Washington, D.C., over the weekend is being reported by the alt media as largely a success, despite numerous violent encounters that are said to have occurred between supporters of President Trump and mobs of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorists.

Footage of Trump supporters being violently assaulted by domestic terrorists abound across social media, but perhaps the most disturbing of all is video evidence suggesting that D.C. police officers intentionally routed MAGA marchers through dangerous areas where bloodthirsty BLM and Antifa “protesters” were lying in wait to attack.

Jorge Ventura filmed three Trump supporters requesting to move through a manned blockade that was apparently set up to cordon off a group of violent BLM activists. The police responded by telling the Trump supporters to march straight into the violent mob.

“The police tell the Trump supporters that they’re now allowed through and proceed to reroute them,” writes Evan James for Big League Politics. “But the police rerouted them through the BLM group, which they had to have known would lead to violence.”

Jorge Ventura Media tweeted about the incident, telling followers that the Trump supporters had no other option than to “go through (the) BLM group which then attacked them.”

“Law and order” sounds nice until the police betray the patriots

While this was the only such incident thus far captured and reported, there could have been other instances in which police intentionally put Trump supporters in harm’s way, raising questions about who law enforcement truly supports.


Those constantly touting the “thin blue line” as untouchables who are on the “side” of conservatives and patriots need to take note of this incident, which demonstrates that law enforcement is quite often an existential threat to the freedoms and liberties of all Americans, regardless of skin color.

“Police are the armed wing of the government, of the state,” James notes, adding that it does not “logically follow that the police as an institution are the friend of Trump supporters and conservatives, especially in big cities and The Swamp.”

This writer would contend even further that rural police are just as much of a threat to people’s civil liberties as big city police, especially when they exist solely as revenue generators for the state to enrich its coffers and load up for-profit prisons with as many “offenders” as possible.

What happened in D.C. over the weekend was nothing short of deplorable, demonstrating that the state is not on the side of conservatives, despite all the “law and order” rhetoric coming from the current administration.

While there are certainly plenty of good cops out there who do their best to serve the people with honesty and integrity, abiding by the constitutional oath they took when sworn in as officers, there are also bad apples who flagrantly violate civil rights and even tyrannize people.

It is important to remember that police departments are routinely ordered to “stand down” in the face of BLM and Antifa terrorism, even when terrorists from these two groups are destroying property and committing violence. This is when American patriots are forced to stand up for themselves, exercising their Second Amendment rights if necessary.

“If the government orders them to prioritize arrests only when one side hits back at the antagonizing side (which is virtually always Trump supporters hitting back at BLM and Antifa), the police will do so,” James adds.

“If the U.S. – God forbid – became the kind of country that cracks down on ‘hate speech,’ the police will be the ones knocking on your door telling you to cool it with your social media posts.”

For more related news about law enforcement betraying the duty to protect and serve, be sure to check out PoliceState.news.

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