Former police chief: Here are 13 ways President Trump can save America while driving haters nuts

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Image: Former police chief: Here are 13 ways President Trump can save America while driving haters nuts

(Natural News) WASHINGTON, DC- While Joe Biden makes a fool out of himself during a contested election by standing in front of a sign reading “Office of the President Elect,” President Trump continues to govern. Step one taken by Trump to show he is still the president for at least the next two months was to launch Mark Esper, his back-stabbing Secretary of Defense. Good move.

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As a piece in The Federalist notes, the president is correct in refusing to concede the election where there is so much evidence, despite what some of the hacks on Fox News and other networks and the mainstream media say, of election fraud.

If Republicans just rolled over, as the usual suspects such as Mitt Romney and others have suggested, the GOP would lose their base, probably forever. You just can’t merely disregard the wishes and desires of over 71 million people. If President Trump did indeed lose the election, all of the red flags need to be addressed.

Meanwhile, the president’s attorneys and legal teams have been working hard and have uncovered what appears to be credible evidence of voter fraud in numerous swing states.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects, the mainstream media, which now apparently includes the Fox news operation, the rest of the lame stream media, and the social media overlords have put the kibosh on anyone who opposes the narrative.

With all of that in mind, and with the realization that Trump is still the president through noon on January 20 at a minimum, he needs to go scorched earth. As suggested by The Federalist, we offer the following suggestions.

If in fact President Trump does end up not prevailing, he needs to drop some land mines which a hapless Joe Biden will have to undo.

That will serve two purposes.

First of all, if it is started soon enough, it will distract Democrats from trying to pull the same garbage in the Georgia senate races that they pulled on November 3.

Secondly, it will expose the Democrats for the true frauds they are.

With full credit to Joy Pullman at the Federalist, here is some food for thought for the president to implement with one very major suggestion of our own.

  1. Release all Spygate documents

Trump needs to expose Obama and his sycophants for the Russia collusion hoax. This is widely credited with creating enough of a distraction in order to throw the 2018 mid-terms in favor of Democrats in the House races.

Much of the information about the Russia hoax is still classified or has otherwise been covered up. Despite evidence of criminal activity by members of the Obama administration, nobody has yet been prosecuted, despite some committing felonies.

Richard Nixon was forced to resign for doing far less than what Obama and Biden did. Clearly, if Biden does indeed become president, this information will be buried…forever.

This involved the use (or more accurately abuse) of federal law enforcement resources to push a phony narrative to initially attempt to take out a political opponent (wasn’t Trump impeached for supposedly doing the same thing?) and then when that didn’t work, continuing the ruse after Trump was elected.

In some places, this is referred to as a coup.

  1. Pardon Michael Flynn and others caught up in Russia hoax

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn must be pardoned. Despite the fact that the Department of Justice wanted to drop all charges against Flynn, Judge Emmett Sullivan, who has an axe to grind, is refusing to do so.

For nearly four years, Gen. Flynn, a patriot who served our country honorably has been fighting this scam. He was a victim of an overzealous FBI and Obama administration attempt to get Trump. President Trump must pardon Flynn if he is able to.

  1. Fire Chris Wray

We actually like this one, and are big fans of getting rid of this bureaucrat. As FBI Director, Wray has not touched the corruption among senior FBI staff which came to light during the Russia collusion hoax.

Even more maddening, the FBI received Hunter Biden’s laptop in November, 2019 and SAT ON IT.

The rank and file FBI agents are good and decent people, however Wray has left people in place who likely committed felonies. The FBI needs to be cleaned up and clearly Wray is not the person to do it.

FBI agents took out personal liability insurance for a reason, and this was likely because they were being ordered to undertake activities that were clearly illegal. Someone needs to be brought in and get to the bottom of the corruption that is polluting what used to be the preeminent investigative agency in the world.

  1. Every Trump Appointee Take Down Names and Files

Opponents of the president are apparently encouraging payback against people who have either worked in the Trump administration or has supported his presidency.

Former Clinton treasury secretary Robert B. Reich has suggested the formation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to look into punishing Trump loyalists. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also suggested the same thing.

In order to protect themselves, anyone who was appointed by President Trump to federal posts should make their own lists of information to provide to friendly media resources in order to lift the lid on the corruption within the federal workforce.

In other words, point out the so-called “dirty laundry” and ensure people are told where to find it. Basically, expose the deep state.

  1. Expose People Biden Plans on Appointing to Cabinet

Biden has shown he doesn’t care about the election process given him already virtually measuring the White House windows for curtains. With that in mind, the Trump administration should do a document dump on all of the dirt on any of these swamp rats’ past federal service.

All emails, communications, memos, and so on should be made available in the interest of transparency.

  1. Fire Fauci

Another one of our favorites. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a typical swamp rat Washington hack who has been in his position for way too long. Fauci hasn’t been right on anything…wear masks, don’t wear masks, wear masks…it seems whichever direction the president goes, Fauci goes the other.

He’s gotten too big for his own britches. Despite the fact we are dealing with a virus that has around a 99.95% survival rate for a majority of Americans, Fauci has worked against the president trying to get the country to open back up.

Fauci does not have the president’s back, despite the fact that President Trump greased the skids by eliminating government red tape in order to get therapeutics and a vaccine to the American people as quickly as possible. Fauci needs to retire…voluntarily or otherwise.

  1. Release All Internal Deliberations about COVID Response

What were top scientists saying in emails, videoconferences, and other communications means about matters such as mask mandates, what they really thought about information coming out from the CDC, science that did not comport with the Democrats’ narrative in order to use coronavirus for political purposes, as well as efforts to suppress dissent.

All of the above is public record; there is no reason to wait for FOIA requests. Pre-emptively release it and let the public decide whether public claims from so-called “experts” matched what they were saying in private.

  1. Release All Information About COVID Vaccine

Pfizer received $2 billion from American taxpayers to research and manufacture a COVID vaccine which would be made available for free to all Americans.

Instead of first notifying President Trump or his administration about the imminent release of the vaccine after successful clinical trials, they notified presidential wanna-be Joe Biden first.

The White House didn’t learn this information until it was posted online by the media.

  1. Release Information Regarding Planned Parenthood Trafficking in Human Body Parts

We’ve heard all the pining and whining about the Trump administration allegedly separating children from their parents at the border and locking them in “cages.”

Meanwhile, Democrats want to use taxpayer funds to support Planned Parenthood which specializes in separating children from their parents permanently through the practice of abortion, the largest such provider in the country.

The abortion mill was supposed to be investigated by federal authorities, however that has gone rather quiet. Instead, the whistleblower to recorded video evidence of the body part trafficking scheme is still being harassed and persecuted by officials in California.

Who started said persecution? That would be one Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate.

All video evidence should be released to the public in order to exonerate David Daleiden, the whistleblower and show Americans exactly where our tax dollars are going and the type of carnage they are funding.

  1. Make All Election Lawsuit Documents Available ASAP as Able

Since the social media Mafia, Facebook, Twitter, Google and others have decided they are the judge and jury when deciding what constitutes election fraud, and are working overtime to keep that information from the American people, the Trump campaign needs to make sure their case gets out to the American people by whatever means necessary.

The media and especially social media need to be exposed for the partisan hacks they are.

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