General McInerney: If President Trump does not secure a second term “we now might just as well as be a socialist, communist country because that’s where we’re going”

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Image: General McInerney: If President Trump does not secure a second term “we now might just as well as be a socialist, communist country because that’s where we’re going”

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Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 9th, 2020

Now Gen. McInerney joins me. General, thank you for making time for us today. I know you’re busy with a ton of interviews. Thank you for being with us.

Gen. Thomas McInerney: Thanks very much for having me, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Last night was an amazing program.  Are you getting any feedback?  ‘Cause we set record numbers. We know we had so many people watching. Did we accomplish anything last night, General?

Gen. Thomas McInerney: Well, I think we have. I think the ball is moving a little bit, but we still haven’t crossed the goal line of what we’re trying to do, Brannon. So we’ve gotta keep it up and make sure the American people know and get to the president and get him personally involved to know that this is the keystone, if you will, of solving this problem of the cyber-warfare against his election.

Brannon Howse: I noticed that one of our listeners last night, within about 90 minutes of us going off air, sent me a link to an article, some leftist page, that says that the Hammer is now the new rightwing conspiracy of the Trump supporters. You’re cited. Others are cited.


This is not conspiracy. This is real. It is a real piece of software. The book by Mary called The Hammer is the Key to the Coup, where did that title come from? Because what I really want you to do here is bring in the admiral, your friend who passed away, the Adm. Lyons, to show us again more credible people that were aware of this.

So the left is already spinning this as the next rightwing conspiracy of the Trump supporters, but this isn’t conspiracy, is it?

Gen. Thomas McInerney:  No, and I’ll let Mary talk about where she got the title.  I’m calling it the “Hammer and Sickle.” They got the codename wrong. “Scorecard” is good, but it is going to turn this country into a flag with a hammer and sickle on it. For those listeners that don’t know, that’s the Soviet communist flag.

This poor president has been hammered from the time he was running till his election and now his four years. He’s continually being hammered by the left using the Hammer and Scorecard. It changed all the votes. It is so obvious once you get in on that. As I say, we’re making some progress, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

So your listeners, Brannon, have got to be going to the White House and saying, “Get Dennis Montgomery involved, and make sure he is safe and secure,” because you clearly know from Phil what the dangers as well as giving him the assets to convert this and show the – see, he’s gonna discover hundreds of thousands of votes.

I was on a show today earlier, and as everybody knows, Pres. Trump got 71 million, roughly, votes on this. He probably in actuality got upwards of 78 million, but they were shifted over to Biden. So it’s more than 71 million Americans that are upset that he wasn’t treated fairly in the election, and it wasn’t a legal election. There are probably upwards of 78 million whose votes were shifted over to Biden just as a number, not as a name.

Brannon Howse: And just a reminder, audience, Dennis Montgomery is the man – CIA whistle blower who developed this piece of software, the Hammer, to keep America safe after 9/11. It was turned February 3, 2009, by the Obama administration onto the American people and elected officials to begin apparently to surveil them and blackmail them.

Gen. McInerney, in this report by Mary Fanning – her book again, folks, is available at Amazon called The Hammer is the Key to the Coup. We’ll have her tell you why it’s called that in just a minute.  But I notice in her report – again, this reads like something you’d see in a Tom Clancy movie – where Dennis McInerney, excuse me, Dennis Montgomery sent a fax to the office of Vice President Biden and President Obama telling them that this software was being used in this way.  So they were put on notice that he knew this. Is that right?

Mary Fanning: That’s correct. He sent it to both of their fax machines, directly to Joe Biden and directly to Barack Obama. They’re very concerned about this, and we know that why? Because they’re rerunning old rumors where they are trying to discredit Dennis Montgomery. Aaron Ralston was paid money to write the hit piece that he wrote on Dennis Montgomery. The pieces that they’re running about him are old.

It’s really interesting that they’re running those stories because just recently, National Geographic came out telling how they were sending – Bin Laden was sending messages through Al Jazeera and pornography, which is exactly what Dennis Montgomery reported, that they went after him and tried to discredit him. Now they’re making National Geographic specials about it, and that was Dennis Montgomery’s work.

Brannon Howse: Let me make sure our audience understands what you just said. Dennis Montgomery was saying that there was messages encoded into pornography being sent to Bin Laden.

Mary Fanning: And over Al Jazeera, yes.

Brannon Howse: And when Dennis Montgomery brought that out, people mocked him. But now some of the same people that mocked him are now admitting that that happened.

Mary Fanning: They paid journalists to mock him and to write pieces about him. Interestingly, those same journalists, several of them sent him e-mails today asking if they can write his biography or if he can get them information. Yikes, journalism has hit a new low in this country.  There’s no wonder that they call it the Mockingbird, fake news.

Brannon Howse: General, you mentioned the need to get – and I’ve gotta get Alan back in here.  But, General, you mentioned the need to get a hold of Dennis Montgomery in a safe, secure location, get him access to the software he wrote so he can do the analysis.

Folks, I am gonna give out the phone number of the White House, as I did last night. I would urge you to also e-mail the White House. I know some of you are having a hard time getting through, so you might try e-mailing. But the number for the White House, and just say, “Pres. Trump, will you please secure Dennis Montgomery in a safe place with the funds he needs, the team he needs, access to the software he built to do the post-analysis we need, and then release that report to the American people so we, the American people, can hold our elected officials accountable.” And the number for the White House is 202-456-1414.

One reason this is so important, general, is because I guess Mary writes here in her article, and I’d love for you to comment on it.  In her report here, her book, she says that: “The illegally commandeered Hammer, however, has a secret log that preserves a record of those who access illegally harvested files, according to Montgomery.”

Gen. McInerney, if the administration puts him in a safe place, gives him the team and resources he needs, and access to his program he built in 2003, he could tell us an awful lot, could he not?

Gen. Thomas McInerney: He could, and that’s why there are many of the bureaucrats that do not want that to be exposed. But that’s not what our interest is right now. Our interest then has got to be very sharply focused on what were the discrepancies in the shift of votes from Trump to Biden?  It’s a very narrow focus right now.

If we keep our eye on the ball, then Pres. Trump will be the president. If he isn’t, we now might just as well as be a socialist, communist country because that’s where we’re going, ’cause as I’ve said to you before, we are going to be fighting cyber-warfare and they’ll control the switches in the future.  We won’t have a chance in Georgia. If we don’t get this done before the Georgia vote, then we’re gonna lose in Georgia because they’ll use cyber-warfare on us again.

Brannon Howse: Then the Marxists will control the US Senate.

Gen. Thomas McInerney: That’s correct.

Brannon Howse:  General, your military background, three-star general, retired. You have an amazing bio. You’re an American hero. We honor you and your service and now of course your courage to come out and do what you’re doing.  Many, many guys who retire with as many stars as you have don’t come out and do this. They don’t go against Washington, the club. They just play it safe. You, as we have said in past programs, took an oath, as did they, to uphold the law, to defend the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

I know as a military guy you’re very aware obviously of information operations, psychological warfare, disinformation, and that kind of thing. How much of what you have seen roll out on the television where they announce, “Fox News announces Biden takes Arizona. Biden takes this state.”

And then of course Fox comes out on Saturday, which I thought was very interesting they chose to do that on a Saturday, General, when none of us conservative talk show hosts are on the air, have no way to respond really too much other than maybe social media or e-mail alerts or text alerts or whatever we do. But we’re not on the air. So they pick a Saturday where a lot of people are scrambling from a response from the different voices they listen to.

But how much of this as you watched it have you said to yourself, “This is exactly what I was trained in SERE school and the training I have, the training that I as a general made my troops go through, in relation to information operation, disinformation campaigns?” Has any of this rung true to you as you watched this roll out?

Gen. Thomas McInerney: Well, yeah, it’s textbook. Remember, as I explained, I was only made aware of this a week ago Sunday and then went on the Steven Bannon show on Monday and predicted what would come unless we reacted right away, and of course we did not react right away. But this is classic.

Gen. Stan McChrystal is working for the Biden campaign. I’m not saying he’s behind this.  But all the things that are happening, like when Fox made their announcement, how they captivated and captured Fox to be complicit, is probably worth a book.  Mary has her views. But the fact is it’s not the Fox I joined right after 9/11 and worked for for 16-and-a-half years. They are now part of the mainstream media.

Now they still have some great anchors that are working it, but the actions they have taken on a corporate level and continue dropping out of great ego is very, very disappointing ’cause now we’ve got Newsmax and OAN that we’re gonna have to shift over to.

But when you lose a free press, Brannon, you lose a democracy. And the press has now violated their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech because they are in fact censoring speech.  It was only until this morning that Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade mentioned Hammer and Scorecard. That’s the first time on that network.  Yesterday when Sidney Powell, was on, Maria, she mentioned cybernet and what the vote changes were, but she didn’t use the terms “Hammer” and “Scorecard.”

…to be continued…

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