GOP must move to defend Georgia Senate seats because if Dems flip them they will forever rule America

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Image: GOP must move to defend Georgia Senate seats because if Dems flip them they will forever rule America

(Natural News) Though Republicans gained seats in the House on and since Election Day, the party still did not win enough of them to retake the majority.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s reelection is anything but assured, and while he’s mounting a series of legal challenges in the face of mounting evidence of voting irregularities and fraud, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be successful. That would mean Joe Biden’s left-wing handlers and Kamala Harris will run the executive branch.

That leaves only the GOP-controlled Senate standing in the way of what Barack Obama once referred to as the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America (into a socialist/Marxist hellhole — he always forgot to add that part).

And it’s clear that Democrats already have their eyes on that prize: A clean sweep of government would put them in position to enact laws that would keep them in power on a federal level in perpetuity (think San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York City writ large).

In an interview with that propagandist hack Jake Tapper of CNN, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams, who has never been able to accept the fact that she was beaten when she ran, said she’s “confident” Marxist Democrats can nab her state’s two Senate seats during a special run-off election in January.

At one point in the interview, Tapper asks: “Some media organizations have called Arizona for Biden, he does lead there by many thousand votes. CNN has not yet called Arizona. It appears likely that both Senate races in Georgia are going to head to this January runoff and could decide control of the Senate, as you just noted. Voter turnout typically drops in runoff elections but also an election without Donald Trump at the top of the ticket. Do you think Democrats have a chance to win both seats?”


“Absolutely. I want to push back against the anachronistic notion we can’t win in Georgia. Years past, we have had runoff elections, whether it was the ’92 or 2008 elections. In both elections, we elected Democratic presidents and Democratic presidents who had strong support in the U.S. Senate,” she responded.

“This is the first time that we will have three things happen. One, we have got Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock on top of the ticket to making sure Democrats come back and we will have the investment and resources never followed our runoffs in Georgia for Democrats. And, number three, this is going to be the determining factor of whether we have access to health care and justice in the United States. Those are two issues that will make certain that people turn out,” she added. (Related: Globalists are maneuvering Trump right into the “dictator” scenario they want; when he WINS, they launch the kinetic coup and overthrow the Republic.)

Oh, brother. Americans already ‘have access to healthcare.’ But whatever.

The fact is, after the cheating we’ve seen thus far in her state as well as several other ‘battleground’ states during this election cycle, Republicans cannot and must not take her lightly or the threat of a Democrat takeover of the Senate.

Jordan Davidson writing at The Federalist notes: 

Republicans must take preventative measures to ensure that the runoff election in January is safe and secure before things heat up. Waiting to see how the pending presidential election plays out is passive and naive. The time to act is now.

The fight for the Senate is one worth fighting. To give in to the left’s kicking and screaming or to cave to the media’s lies at this point in the battle would be cowardice. The pressure is on and the GOP must defend the Senate, the Republican Party, and the nation.

If conservative leaders choose to back down now, this potentially lone safeguard protecting the U.S. from radical policy initiatives led by the left will crumble.

There is no question that she is right. There can be nothing left on the table to defend these two seats; literally, the future of America as it was founded is at stake.

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