Tell-tale signs of voter fraud that suggest Biden stole election

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Image: Tell-tale signs of voter fraud that suggest Biden stole election

(Natural News) Two months before Donald Trump was elected president back in 2016, BBC News published an exposé about how to spot voter fraud, using questionable election results in Australia and Africa as key examples. However, what the BBC warned about back then in anticipation of a Trump presidency is actually far more relevant today with Joe Biden’s attempted theft of the 2020 election.

One strong indicator of voter fraud, the BBC explained, is near-total voter turnout. An “honest election,” the British paper revealed, will “never” have 90 percent or more of registered voters showing up to cast ballots, even in nations where voting is compulsory.

This is exactly what happened in Milwaukee, though, where more than the total number of registered voters in numerous precincts somehow all showed up to vote for Biden.

BBC warned that especially in cases like this where more than 100 percent of registered voters show up to vote that this is “a major red flag and a reason to cancel the result and re-rerun the election.”

Another major red flag is exceptionally high voter turnout at one particular polling station but not at another one in close proximity. If 90 percent of voters show up to vote for Biden at one polling station while only 70 percent show up at the one next door, this is a clear sign of fraud.

Precincts that disqualify large numbers of ballots, typically more than five percent, are also likely engaged in fraud, the BBC warned. If large swaths of ballots are being tossed for “the slightest imperfection,” for instance, this could be indicative of “an attempt to depress votes” for the opponent.


The left’s Biden parties will soon be turned to mourning and gnashing of teeth

After the polls close in an honest election, election officials will engage a process known as reconciliation of ballots that ensures the total number of paper ballots received reconcile with those actually handed or sent out to voters.

In the event that there is a major discrepancy with more votes received than paper ballots issued, then there is clearly some type of fraud going on that may necessitate an election redo.

Perhaps the most damning element in the BBC‘s exposé is the warning about how delayed election results are “often” associated with election rigging. This is exactly what has happened with the 2020 election here in the United States, where key battleground states all had delayed counts that created confusion.

In Michigan, for instance, an early Trump lead all across the state prompted officials in certain far-left counties to simply stop counting ballots until more Biden votes could be brought in under the cover of darkness.

“Delay is certainly dangerous, fuelling [sic] rumours of results being ‘massaged’ before release and increasing tensions,” the BBC wrote back in 2016.

A data scientist commenting on the current situation reiterated on Twitter much of what the BBC warned about back then concerning the obvious voter fraud taking place today.

This anonymous individual says the mail-in ballot scam, which involved truckloads of mystery ballots being delivered and processed in the middle of the night in numerous key swing states, left behind “fingerprints of fraud” that deserve immediate attention.

“Around 3am Wisconsin time, a fresh batch of 169k new absentee ballots arrived,” this data scientist tweeted, using Wisconsin as one of multiple examples of voter fraud. “They were supposed to stop accepting new ballots, but eh, whatever I guess.”

Zero Hedge covers the rest at length, but suffice it to say that there is prolific evidence emerging of ballot backdating, software tampering, and a whole lot more that will soon be revealed once the legal process takes its course.

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