Police prevent GOP poll challengers from monitoring ballot count in Detroit

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Image: Police prevent GOP poll challengers from monitoring ballot count in Detroit

(Natural News) To stop poll challengers from observing the late-batch vote count in Detroit, law enforcement officers blockaded all entrances to the TCF Center the day after the election, ensuring that the final tally in Michigan favored Joe Biden rather than President Trump.

Reports indicate that GOP observers who showed up to keep an eye on the ballot counting process, as they are lawfully allowed to do, were forced to remain outside the facility while armed and masked police officers guarded doors that had been chain-locked from the inside.

Photographs being shared all across the web show Detroit’s “finest” blatantly trampling the civil rights of these poll challengers who were seen trying to gain legal entry into the building, only to be denied at every turn.

Some of the poll challengers who were already inside the building tried to speak through the door gaps with those standing on the outside, prompting at least one Detroit cop to quickly intervene and prevent that communication from taking place.

Even as these poll challengers were being kept out of the TCF Center, it is important to note, various “credentialed” members of the media, bigwig lawyers and other “important” people were given the red-carpet treatment to come and go as they pleased.

Antifa demands that all Michigan votes, including illegal ballots, be counted

As they waited outside in the cold for a miracle, the disenfranchised poll challengers were suddenly bombarded by Antifa “protesters” who arrived with bullhorns, signage and other paraphernalia to demand that all votes, including the illegal ones, be counted.


One of the Antifas, an apparent female, was seen carrying what appeared to be a shiv, prompting observers to notify police. Nothing was done, however, as the cops present were too busy preventing poll challengers from rightfully entering the TCF Center.

Those poll challengers who did make it inside the TCF Center early on were never allowed access to the actual counting room, which could be what they were trying to communicate to those outside.

Those running the show in the ballot counting room were seen plastering up cardboard and other barriers in front of the windows, preventing anyone other than themselves from seeing what was taking place.

Attorney Nick Somberg, who did gain entry into the TCF Center but not into the counting room, captured footage of poll workers boarding up windows to keep what was happening inside a secret.

Similarly, Michigan Trump Republicans co-founder Meshawn Maddock gained entry into the TCF Center but not into the counting room. Thus far, there does not seem to be any video evidence of what occurred in the counting room before Biden was declared the victor of Michigan.

“Myself and 200 others denied entry at #TCF center in Detroit, GOP representation was minimal,” Maddock tweeted. “They dragged a few people out of the room while Democrats cheered, covered the windows and chained the doors.”

Maddock is now promoting the hashtag #StopTheCount, which aims to draw attention to this flagrant violation of people’s civil rights, not to mention whatever shenanigans were taking place in the counting room behind closed doors.

The Trump administration attempted to file a lawsuit to stop the counting of ballots in Michigan until Republicans were able to assure that the process was legitimate. This suit was later denied.

“Very disappointed yet not surprised that Biden’s pulling out all the crimes in his communist playbook to restrict the fair vote count throughout the country!” wrote one Big League Politics commenter.

“A famous communist once opined that who votes is far less important than who counts the votes,” wrote another.

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