The party of chaos! Dem Philly police leader who took knee with BLM ordered officers to stand down as riots, looting swept city

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Image: The party of chaos! Dem Philly police leader who took knee with BLM ordered officers to stand down as riots, looting swept city

(Natural News) Philadelphia became the latest ‘ground zero’ for looting, rioting, violence and unrest last week following what appears to be another justified shooting by police of a black man who was coming at them with a knife and who refused to put it down after being ordered to do so several times.

According to reports — and video of the incident — officers were forced to shoot and kill Walter Wallace Jr., 27. And, like similar incidents dating back to the Obama administration but certainly since the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis in May, unrest ensued that led to rioting, violence and looting.

Initial reports from the first night of violence said that at least 30 police officers were injured by mobs of thugs throwing objects and clashing with cops. One officer, a female police sergeant, was run over by a vehicle, her leg broken.

One video retweeted by Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo, amazingly, showed a group of dozens of police officers actually running away from a similar-sized (or smaller) group of criminals who were throwing objects.

Why would cops retreat like that? Aren’t they supposed to ‘protect and serve?’

You’d think that, but this is a major Democrat-Marxist-run city and it’s 2020, so of course, they were told not to arrest anyone or intervene in the looting and violence (which, of course, defeats the entire purpose of having a police department in the first place, right?).

Information Liberation reports: 

Philadelphia Police were ordered not to arrest looters by 1st Deputy Police Commissioner Melvin Singleton, according to a report from FOX29 News.

“Extremely frustrated officers, both patrol [and] commanders told me overnight they were ‘ordered to NOT arrest looters just disperse them,'” FOX 29 News’ Steve Keeley reported Wednesday morning.

Keeley said the orders came from Singleton.

“Breaking: OBTAINED BY FOX29 NEWS. Directive from @PhillyPolice executive team. Extremely frustrated officers, both patrol&commanders told me overnight they were ‘ordered to NOT arrest looters just disperse them’.” ‘CAR-2’ is Deputy Police Commissioner Melvin Singleton,” Keeley wrote on Twitter.

“Yesterday when police announced the number of arrests in the Mon-Tues looting, charges were for ‘burglary’. And in the directive, @phillypolice point out no calls for burglary will be responded to by the dept. & officers think that leaves no deterrent to stop looting,” he added.

Of course, that’ll serve as no deterrent to looting.

Why wouldn’t it?

Here’s another interesting tidbit: Singleton works directly for and under Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw (yes, that’s her real name) — who once was police commissioner in war-torn Portland, Ore. (Related: TOTAL WAR is coming to America after Biden is DEFEATED on Nov. 3rd; prepare for every worst case scenario you’ve ever imagined.)

Information Liberation adds that Singleton was photographed taking a knee to support Black Lives Matter over the summer. 

Nothing says, ‘we are surrendering our city to the mob’ like a) Showing you are surrendering the city by taking a knee as demanded by the lawbreakers; and b) Signaling as much by ordering your police officers to look the other way when thugs, criminals and rioters help themselves to the property of others who paid for it when you’re expected to allow officers to do their jobs.

This is outrageous, but it’s typical these days of the Democrat leftists who have ruled cities like Philadelphia for so long they know that no matter what they do to their people, as long as they keep running for office with a “D” behind their name, they’ll continue to get elected year after year, election after election.

Meanwhile, the goofball residents of Philadelphia, who feel like they’re being abused and who are confused as to why a police department paid with their tax dollars is allowing mobs to roam and terrorize and steal without fear of arrest, need to ask themselves why they keep putting those kinds of ‘leaders’ in office.

Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is textbook insanity.

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