Swamp creatures at FBI had Hunter Biden’s incriminating hard drive for months and did NOTHING, but agency is now investigating totally fabricated “Russian ties”

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Image: Swamp creatures at FBI had Hunter Biden’s incriminating hard drive for months and did NOTHING, but agency is now investigating totally fabricated “Russian ties”

(Natural News) Straight up — President Trump will have a lot more ‘housekeeping’ to do at select federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies if he wins reelection in a few weeks.

And he should start at the FBI, at the top, with Director Christopher Wray.

By now, many readers know about the hugely incriminating evidence against Hunter Biden and his Democratic presidential nominee father, Joe Biden, contained in bombshell emails published first by the New York Post last week.

Those emails allegedly reveal:

— Joe Biden lied when he has insisted in the recent past that he knew nothing about son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine, China and elsewhere;

— Hunter Biden actually introduced his father to a top Ukrainian official at Burisma before that company put him on the board at a reported $50,000 a month;

— Hunter Biden sought a lucrative deal with a now-defunct Chinese energy firm that would have paid him $10 million per month just for “introductions” to top U.S. government officials;

— Hunter Biden has had (and may still have) a massive crack cocaine addiction problem;

— Hunter’s business dealings abroad triggered red flags at various U.S. government agencies and American banks as highly suspicious and potentially illegal;

— Hunter Biden was kicking back 50 percent of whatever he took in to father Joe Biden, as were other Biden family members, like Joe is some sort of ‘godfather’ figure.

And, says Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, there is a lot more to come.

Now, recall also that this alleged evidence was found on the hard drive of a laptop computer Hunter Biden dropped off at a repair shop — and then abandoned — in Delaware, his home state, earlier last year. A copy of the hard drive eventually found its way to Giuliani, via the shop owner, and the former New York City mayor gave its contents to the Post to report on.


But — and this is important — the original hard drive was turned over to the FBI not long after Hunter Biden abandoned the computer long enough for the shop owner, via the contract Hunter signed, to claim ownership of the laptop (90 days). 

So, with all of the alleged incriminating evidence against the Biden Crime Family on the hard drive, a reasonable American would assume the bureau would launch a criminal investigation into allegations arising from the materials on the hard drive.

But you’d be wrong. 

Instead, the FBI sat on the hard drive for months and did nothing — sound familiar? The last time the FBI sat on hard evidence of obvious wrongdoing was when the corrupt James Comey was running the agency and the ‘target’ was another prominent Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

The Associated Press, the mainstream media’s propaganda newswire organ, is peddling the new ‘Russian collusion 2.0’ lie: 

…Giuliani says foreign sources didn’t provide the Hunter Biden emails. He says a laptop containing the emails and intimate photos was simply abandoned in a Delaware repair shop and the shop owner reached out to Giuliani’s lawyer. 

That hasn’t stopped the FBI from investigating whether the emails are part of a foreign influence operation. The emails have surfaced as U.S. officials have been warning that Russia, which backed Trump’s 2016 campaign through hacking of Democratic emails and a covert social media campaign, is interfering again this year.

This is a lie and complete revisionist history. Russia wasn’t ‘backing’ Trump; Moscow was just sowing division, period (and by any measure, on that accord the Russians were successful — thanks to Democrat gaslighting and media lies).

Oh, but that doesn’t mean the FBI isn’t doing anything. No; the agency’s current director, Christopher Wray, said this week that agents will investigate whether ‘the Russians’ are responsible for putting any of the incriminating evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Got that? We’re right back where we started four years ago with these lousy, corrupt, Democrat-aligned deep state figures: ‘Russian collusion.” It was lie then, and it’s a lie now.

But this latest FBI disgrace proves again that Trump, should he win next month, must continue draining the swamp because he’s still being undermined in favor of Democrats.

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