Black lives bullying works! Woman who was viciously screamed at by hate-filled mob says she supports BLM

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Image: Black lives bullying works! Woman who was viciously screamed at by hate-filled mob says she supports BLM

(Natural News) Lauren Victor, a photographer and urban planner who lives in Washington, D.C., says she fully supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) despite having been heckled, accosted and threatened by a gaggle of its cult members during a recent night out at a restaurant.

Video footage of Victor’s encounter with the angry, mostly-white BLM mob has reached the four corners of the internet, and many have since joked that the woman depicted in it is probably now a Trump supporter, if she was not already one prior to the incident. However, we now know that Victor is actually a BLM supporter who wants “lasting change.”

In an op-ed she recently wrote for The Washington Post, Victor chided the mob for trying to “coerce people’s participation,” which she described as “bullying.” However, she fully supports the BLM agenda, apparently, and wants to see its “vital energy” transformed into anger that brings about “important, lasting change.”

“I wholeheartedly support the Black Lives Matter movement,” Victor further wrote. “I also support an individual’s choice to participate in a protest, or not.”

Victor says BLM mob that harassed her was having “a community conversation”

Recalling the incident, Victor explained that the mob was not holding any protest signs, nor did they indicate why there were even there. When Victor tried to get an answer from them, they ignored her while proceeding to surround her table in intimidating fashion.

Completely ignoring D.C.’s social distancing guidelines, these “protesters” started shouting in Victor’s face, demanding that she throw up a fist and break her silence because white silence is supposedly violence, according to BLM.


“This was not your usual Black Lives Matter protest, or really, any other protest I have attended,” Victor explained, pretending as though every other BLM “protest” is comprised of peaceful protesters presenting a very clear message about the “justice” they seek. “Marchers are usually delighted to tell you about their mission.”

Amazingly, Victor is now trying to defend the angry mob, despite its treatment of her. She says people all across the political spectrum are interpreting what took place as harassment, when the “original event,” as she described it, “felt resolutely local.”

“We were having a community conversation,” she now contends.

BLM mob demanded to know if Victor is a Christian (so they could physically attack her if she was?)

At one point during the provocation, the angry mob demanded that Victor announce whether or not she is a Christian. Many who watched the video speculated that this was a litmus test for determining whether or not Victor should be attacked or left alone to finish her meal in peace.

Victor says she is unsure as to the motivation of such a question, but insists that it has never come up at any other BLM events “I have attended,” indicating that Victor is a BLM “protester” herself.

Victor further insists that while the video of her encounter “looks scary,” she supposedly “felt great hope and appreciation” for what the mob did to her because it is supposedly for a good cause.

“This was a group of mostly young people of many racial backgrounds working together to sustain a movement to uphold black people’s civil right,” she contends, defending their deplorable behavior that evening. “There are worse ways to spend a Monday night,” she concluded in her politically correct piece.

In other words, the black lives bullying tactics of the far-left are apparently working to convince people like Victor, anyway, that the BLM cause is worthy and beneficial to society. This is what we are up against as we approach the next election cycle.

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