FACT CHECK: New CDC study showing majority of people infected with coronavirus wore MASKS only demonstrates yet again that the tests aren’t reliable

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Image: FACT CHECK: New CDC study showing majority of people infected with coronavirus wore MASKS only demonstrates yet again that the tests aren’t reliable

(Natural News) It’s fascinating that the very same right-leaning, alt media outlets now touting a new CDC study which claims to show that masks don’t work are the very same publishers who also report that coronavirus infection tests don’t work (which is true). So if the tests aren’t reliable, then the mask study is unreliable, since it was based entirely on reporting what percentage of infected vs. non-infected people wore masks by using unreliable coronavirus tests.

According to the screaming headlines across alt media, the CDC study now “proves” that masks don’t work, since over 70 percent of people who got infected “always” wore a mask.

But the conclusion of that study is obviously flawed. First, when people are being interviewed by the CDC for this study, they will of course falsely report much higher levels of mask compliance than what they actually carried out in private. This is a well-known phenomenon, where patients routinely lie to their doctors about their lifestyles, pretending to eat healthier and exercise more frequently than they really do. The same is true with this survey.

Secondly, what nobody seems to be reporting is that the entire study is rendered pointless if the accuracy of the coronavirus testing isn’t very high. And we know it isn’t. Coronavirus tests produce huge “false positives” and “false negatives,” rendering coronavirus test results largely worthless.

Indy media has widely reported how coronavirus tests are utterly unreliable

In fact, the very same media outlets reporting this CDC mask “bombshell” story are the same ones that have long been reporting on the unreliability of coronavirus testing, explaining that such tests often match previous flu strains or even gene sequences found in vaccines. Many indy media publishers, in fact, have reported that the coronavirus test matches a gene sequence on human chromosomes, which means they believe that literally everyone could test positive for the virus.


Thus, someone “testing positive” for the coronavirus doesn’t mean they have the Wuhan bioweapon strain (SARS-CoV-2) of the virus.

And that means the entire CDC test is bunk. But it hasn’t stopped mostly right-leaning independent media from touting the study to claim masks don’t work.

Indy media outlets contradict themselves, abandon months of reporting to suddenly tout the CDC

This demonstrates a very important point: Most media publishers will abandon everything they’ve reported over the past few months if it allows them to tout a new story opposing masks. This “Mask Derangement Syndrome” is a very real thing across the indy media, where all logic and reason has been thrown out the window in a mad dash to selectively parrot whatever CDC study might question the efficacy of masks, even if embracing the study means contradicting their own reporting over the last seven months.

You can’t be a legitimate news organization if one day you’re reporting the tests are flawed and then the next day you report the tests prove that masks don’t work, relying on the very same tests you just recently reported as unreliable. Both can’t be true, obviously.

In the same way, as I have repeatedly pointed out, the coronavirus can’t simultaneously be a “hoax” and a Chinese-engineered biological weapon. Yet many indy media outlets continue to report both things as true, simultaneously.

Shockingly, many of the same indy media outlets that claim the coronavirus is a “hoax” also now claim that “President Trump beat it!” But if the infection is a hoax, then what did Trump beat?

In fact, I’ve covered the twelve questions that coronavirus “hoax” pushers refuse to answer, since answering these questions would expose their own thinking and reporting as fatally flawed. See my story: Those who call the coronavirus a “hoax” are making a huge mistake: These twelve questions reveal the TRUTH that no one dare utter.

That article asks many very important questions that no alt-right indy media outlet has yet been able to answer, such as:

Question #1) Many in the alternative media reported on the New York City nurse who filmed undercover video and blew the whistle on how NYC hospitals were killing patients by rooming non-infected patients with coronavirus-infected patients, allowing transmission to occur. But how can non-infected patients be killed by the coronavirus if the coronavirus is a hoax?

Question #2) Alternative media outlets that are currently reporting the coronavirus to be a “hoax” are also reporting on how the mainstream media lied and covered up the story of how hydroxychloroquine can effectively and affordably treat coronavirus patients. If the coronavirus is a hoax, then what exactly is hydroxychloroquine treating, then?

Using the same flawed tests, the CDC could “prove” that wearing pink underwear doesn’t protect you from the virus either

If the coronavirus tests don’t work, then there’s no way to tell whether people who actually wore a mask got infected or avoided infection. Chances are, if you test all the people in the study who were designated as “infected” multiple times, you would get a series of negative tests as well as additional positive tests. The test results appear to be largely random due to the flawed nature of the tests.

And if they are random, what you would expect to find in this study is that the same number of people who “tested positive” and wore masks also matched the number of people who “tested negative” and wore masks.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what the CDC study shows. Equal numbers.

So what we really have here isn’t proof that masks don’t work; we really have yet more evidence that tests don’t work.

Using the same flawed tests, we could also show that people who pray are just as likely to be infected as people who don’t pray. Or that people who wear pink underwear as just as likely to be infected as people who don’t wear pink underwear. The variable is irrelevant since the tests aren’t reliable in the first place.

Yet there isn’t a single indy media outlet I’ve seen yet that has bothered to point this out, even though they almost unanimously now claim to be expert scientists, virologists and epidemiologists… even as they are now hilariously quoting the CDC as their reliable source for these new conclusions.

You can’t make this stuff up, and it underscores the importance of getting your coronavirus information from sources who understand real science and who aren’t afraid to question the cult-like Mask Derangement Syndrome that has infected the alt-right media.

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