Media watchdog urges FCC to review law protecting Big Tech companies from being sued over censorship

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Image: Media watchdog urges FCC to review law protecting Big Tech companies from being sued over censorship

(Natural News) The Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative media watchdog group, is calling on concerned Americans to send their comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over a controversial law regarding freedom of speech in online spaces.

The MRC, thorough the Free Speech Alliance, will compile the comments in an effort to urge the FCC to review how Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is currently interpreted and applied. To note, this section provides immunity to websites over third-party content that they host. Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, for instance, cannot be held liable for posts or videos uploaded to their website.

While tech experts credit Section 230 for helping the internet thrive, it also enables these companies to take down content without fear of legal action. The section also allows Big Tech to easily get rid of conservative content, without any repercussions.


In a statement posted on the MRC website, head Brent Bozell stressed the importance of fighting Big Tech companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook:

“It is critical for the survival of the conservative movement that we unite in defense of our right to express ourselves online without threat of being censored by the social media giants. Protecting our freedom of speech is something that should not only be important to conservatives, but to all Americans. Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube own the most widely used online platforms for speech in the world. Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube have full control over what we say, hear, write and read. It is immensely important that these platforms remain neutral. How can any movement or ideology survive when the means to share its ideas is stripped away?”

The MRC’s move is the latest in a string of responses designed to prompt the FCC to look into claims that social media companies are discriminating and censoring conservative voices. Last May, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would allow the FCC to establish regulations that clarify the “good faith” effort by companies, as stated in Section 230. (Related: The Big Tech Ministry of Hysteria is so totalitarian, not even the President of the United States is allowed to offer dignified hope during a pandemic.)

Watch this episode of Brighteon Conversations as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has an illuminating conversation with Dr. Dave Janda from Operation Freedom regarding the massive censorship campaigns being conducted by Big Tech cartels that are killing humanity.

MCR launches website to fight back against Big Tech censorship

As part of their Free Speech America campaign, the agency also launched the CensorTrack website in September. The site features an analysis of different tech companies, a page explaining specific censorship issues and their solutions, and a list of media personalities and politicians helping Big Tech censorship. During the site’s virtual launch party, Bozell told attendees the site would be coordinating with similar groups in Washington.

He also talked about instances of censorship online, such as what Twitter is currently doing to Trump.

“If they can do it to the president of the United States, they can do it to anyone,” Bozell. “In fact, that is exactly what is happening… every platform in Silicon Valley today is censoring conservatives.”

Learn more about how Twitter, Google and Facebook are censoring conservative content on their platforms by reading the latest articles at

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