Trump credits Big Pharma for “miraculous” recovery, completely neglects to mention zinc and vitamin D he was taking

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Image: Trump credits Big Pharma for “miraculous” recovery, completely neglects to mention zinc and vitamin D he was taking

(Natural News) After just three short days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, President Trump was back in the White House touting his “miraculous” recovery from the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), crediting Big Pharma while saying absolutely nothing about the vitamin D and zinc he also took as part of his recovery.

Pandering to senior citizens less than a month before Election Day like any politician would do, Trump called those in his age demographic his “favorite people in the world.” He went on to promise them that they will soon have access to the very same pharmaceutical drugs that he was given at Walter Reed, and at no out-of-pocket cost.

“We are making tremendous progress with this horrible disease that was sent over by China,” Trump announced in a video he shot while standing on the White House lawn. “China will pay a big price for what they did to the world and to us.”

“But we have medicines right now, and I call them a cure – I went into the hospital a week ago, I was very sick, and I took this medicine and it was incredible, it was incredible,” Trump proceeded to explain. “I could have walked out the following day – sooner – it was incredible the impact it had.”

Because elderly people are considered to be especially vulnerable to the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), Trump reassured them that the drugs he received as part of his treatment protocol, along with “others that are similar to it, almost identical,” will be made available “immediately.” This is thanks to an emergency use authorization issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which Trump indicated that he is on the verge of signing.


“The FDA has moved at a level that they have never moved before,” Trump revealed about his and the FDA’s fast-track approach to delivering Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) pharmaceuticals to the American people at warp speed.

“Things that would take two, three, four years are taking a matter of weeks or even sooner than that, and that’s because of me,” he further bragged.

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Is Trump really on the side of the people, or is he in the pocket of Big Pharma?

While not using any actual names to describe the medicines he says he received, Trump stated that one in particular “was unbelievable,” helping him to feel cured in a matter of just a few hours.

“You’re going to get the same medicine, you’re going to get it free, no charge, and we’re going to get it to you soon,” Trump added about this particular medicine.

“And the nice part is it’s made by a number of companies, it’s totally safe, but it’s powerful against this disease. So we’re going to get it out to you, we’re going to take care of our seniors, all free.”

As for vitamin D and zinc, however, Trump failed to mention either of them – unless by some off-chance the “medicines” he is referring to are actually these two natural remedies, which remains to be seen.

Vitamin D has been scientifically proven to help protect against the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), and zinc is the nutrient that, along with hydroxychloroquine, has been shown to be perhaps the most effective drug-based remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19).

Green tea, which contains a powerful healing constituent known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, is another highly effective Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) remedy that, unfortunately, Trump has not mentioned publicly.

Trump has also, sadly, been pushing Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) vaccines that contain nanotechnology capable of altering your DNA and turning you into a trans-human – check out The Health Ranger Report below to learn more:

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