Anti-fascists grab black woman by hair, force her to the ground for displaying American flag

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Image: Anti-fascists grab black woman by hair, force her to the ground for displaying American flag

(Natural News) Another violent scuffle between anti-fascists and pro-police demonstrators was caught on tape in Portland the other day, this one involving an Antifa mob that attacked a young black woman who was carrying around an American flag.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, who a little more than a year ago was violently assaulted by Antifa as well, reported that one of the Antifa militants in this latest incident grabbed the black woman by her hair and forced her to the ground after she refused to let go of her American flag.

An apparently female – it is really hard to tell these days – Antifa was seen assaulting the black woman and forcing her down to the sidewalk, where the black woman remained for only a few moments before jumping back up to her feet and fleeing the scene.

Amid all the chaos, the female Antifa was confronted by a large man holding a Thin Blue Line flag who appeared to have been trying to intervene on behalf of the black woman. The black woman, however, did not need any help after all, as she was able to spring back up following her assault, American flag in hand, and proceed on her way.

“After the victim walked away, a man from the pro-American group faced off and argued with an Antifa militant who hollered astoundingly that the fight was ‘woman on woman’ as his voice repeatedly cracked,” reports explain about the incident.

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How can Antifa claim to be anti-fascist when its behavior is 100% fascist?

The man who intervened, by the way, was wearing a “Justice for Jay” shirt in honor of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the police officer and Patriot Prayer supporter who was fatally shot in the streets of Portland by 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl.


Reinoehl, who is now dead himself after being fatally shot by police, was after the fact determined by local law enforcement to be “100% Antifa.” His death, and the fact that the pro-American demonstrator was wearing a “Justice for Jay” shirt, more than likely fueled the rage of the Antifa mob that took down the black woman.

Local media also reported that the scuffle began after the man and other supporters of Danielson gathered in downtown Portland to pay their homage to Danielson right on the spot where he was murdered.

KOIN-TV, as relayed by NewsPunch, explained that “it appeared as if people with left-leaning and right-leaning ideologies got in some heated discussions in the streets.” It added that “[s]ome people reported being maced or hit with pepper spray.”

Sgt. Kevin Allen told the station that police were on the scene to monitor the situation, but that no arrests were made. The protests continued, however, and at least six people ended up being arrested later on that evening.

Responding to the incident, internet commenters were enraged that Antifa would stoop so low as to assault and pummel a woman, and a black one at that. Somehow it is okay for anti-fascists to commit violence against black people, just so long as they identify politically as conservatives.

“Yeah, that’s respecting a woman’s right to have an opinion and treating her like an equal,” joked one NewsPunch commenter pointing out the hypocrisy of these so-called anti-fascists and their deplorable behavior. “The left is good at telling everyone how to live, and then not living it themselves!”

“Where are the white knights that jump in to help a lady in distress?” asked another. “No such thing as a white knight in Portland, Oregon.”

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