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Image: Lawsuit alleges that St. Lawrence University allowed Antifa member to use facilities for extortion

(Natural News) A former employee for the New York Daily News has filed a lawsuit in a federal court alleging that St. Lawrence Universitya private liberal arts college in upstate New York, allowed one of their staff members, who is affiliated with the domestic terrorist organization Antifa, to use the school’s equipment and facilities in order to extort his termination from the media outlet.

The lawsuit was filed on Sept. 21 in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey by Daniel D’Ambly. It lists the defendants as Christian M. Exoo – the alleged main perpetrator – the Daily News, St. Lawrence, Tribune Publishing Company, Twitter, Inc. and Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde, and Cohen, Weiss and Simon, LLP.

According to D’Ambly, he was doxxed by Exoo, who goes by the moniker “@AntiFashGordon” on Twitter, by leading a targeted harassment campaign against the former Daily News staffer.

“Doxxing,” according to court documents, is the act of publicly disclosing somebody’s personal information, including their identity, home address and employer or school. This is done for the purpose of threatening or causing them harm, be it in a physical or economic manner. The documents further allege that Exoo and his followers – dubbed the “Exoo Enterprise” – compelled D’Ambly to “exit from society” by sending threatening emails, tweets and phone calls to him, as well as to his employer, school and professional clients.

In fact, Exoo’s Twitter account doesn’t even hide his intentions. His biography on the social media website reads: “I expose fascists via #OSINT [open-source intelligence], get them fired, de-homed, kicked out of school, etc.”

D’Ambly’s lawsuit argues that the Exoo Enterprise was created in order to dox supposed fascists and white supremacists. They use the information gathered during their campaigns in order to participate in racketeering activities intended to extort, harass, threaten violence and intimidate their victims. The ultimate goal of the Exoo Enterprise is for their targets to be fired by their employers or expelled by their schools, kicked out of their homes and for the victims to come under personal harm.

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Exoo allegedly used facilities and equipment

D’Ambly argues that he was targeted by Exoo for his participation in the New Jersey European Heritage Association. D’Ambly says the group is a nonviolent organization that lobbies for specific domestic policy proposals. On the other hand, Exoo Enterprise believes, without evidence, that the organization is a white supremacist hate group.

Because of D’Ambly’s ties to the heritage association and the targeted harassment campaign conducted by Exoo, he was fired from the Daily News, who stated in a letter explaining his firing that “your choice to take these repulsive actions has now put our workplace and employees at risk of counter attacks by Antifa.”

The lawsuit includes Twitter because Exoo organized and executed his doxxing campaign on their platform, and it includes St. Lawrence because D’Ambly alleges that the university was well-aware of Exoo’s activities and allowed him to use their facilities and equipment. Exoo currently works as a lecturer and a library supervisor for St. Lawrence. (Related: BOMBSHELL: Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests.)

His employment at the university was confirmed by Paul Redfern, vice president of communications for St. Lawrence, who said that Exoo worked there part-time. However, he refused to comment on the current situation.

“It is not our practice to comment on pending legal matters,” he said.

Both Exoo and D’Ambly’s lawyers were contacted by local news outlet WWNY, but they both declined to comment as well.

“St. Lawrence consents to Exoo’s use of St. Lawrence property to direct the enterprise, and participates in the Exoo Enterprise, because they believe the patterns of racketeering activities help St. Lawrence achieve their global mission,” D’Ambly’s lawsuit reads.

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