Woman who rented U-Haul in Louisville believed to have ties to Soros

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Image: Woman who rented U-Haul in Louisville believed to have ties to Soros

(Natural News) Holly Zoller. Remember that name because you will probably be hearing a whole lot about it in the coming days as this self-described “Bail Disruptor” has been identified as the individual who rented the U-Haul truck that distributed riot gear to “protesters” in Louisville following the Breonna Taylor verdict.

Zoller’s name went public after a U-Haul employee who works at the location where she rented the truck leaked her rental reservation agreement to the media. In the “Notes” section, someone named Leah Short flagged Zoller as someone who was mentioned hundreds of times in Twitter posts, adding that the truck she rented was being used “to protest illegally.”

U-Haul apparently added Zoller’s rental agreement to its “Cautionary Alert in Customer Management Tool,” meaning U-Haul was already aware that Zoller was up to no good at the time when she rented the truck. After video footage of riot gear flowing out the back of it went viral, U-Haul employees leaked her identity to the media, and the rest is now history.

Zoller works for The Bail Project as a “Bail Disruptor”

A quick search of Zoller’s background reveals that she is “Bail Disruptor” who works for The Bail Project. She also coordinates volunteers for an organization known as Food Not Bombs that “provides fresh and shelf-stable food to a community in the center of Louisville’s food desert and has organized around anti-fascist movements.”

Zoller describes herself as a “professional organizer” who helps distribute books to prisoners, or what she calls “people living behind bars.” She also has three daughters and lives in Louisville.


In case you missed it, multiple angles of video footage show Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters swarming the back of Zoller’s rented U-Haul to grab riot shields and other riot gear that she provided to them. This act alone by Zoller makes her complicit in inciting a riot, which is a crime.

More related news about the BLM riots is available at Chaos.news.

Is George Soros funding The Bail Project?

As for the George Soros connection, The Bail Project has an employee in its ranks named Dolores Canales who was previously a Soros Justice Fellow. Currently the Community Outreach Director for The Bail Project, Canales works in the prison systems to aid those who are incarcerated, along with their families.

While Canales uses the word “previously” to describe her role as a Soros Justice Fellow, that she was ever connected to Soros at all screams of a conspiracy, especially since her partner — Zoller — was caught doing exactly what other Soros-connected “activists” have done in the past to incite riots and violence.

While there is no definitive proof that The Bail Project is still in any way receiving funding from Soros or a Soros-connected group, the connection cannot be ignored.

As The Right Scoop suggests, there is “a good possibility” that Soros is “funding a group [that] is funding a group [that] is funding THIS group, as that seems to be the way he likes to work.”

Meanwhile in Louisville, the weapons of war that Zoller provided to BLM supporters were used to wreak havoc across the city.

“I don’t know who funded who or what but it’s clear that Holly Zoller is a criminal and should be charged and arrested,” one commenter at The Right Scoop wrote. “And someone should give her some fashion advice because honey when you’re that big more cover is better optics.”

Another wrote that people should stop referring to Zoller and others like her as protesters or even rioters.

“They are terrorists and insurgents who are traitors trying to overthrow America,” this same commenter wrote.

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