“Regular attendee” of anti-police demonstrations in Seattle arrested for arson

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Image: “Regular attendee” of anti-police demonstrations in Seattle arrested for arson

(Natural News) A man whom media reports claim was seen strolling off the highway into a field carrying a lighter and cardboard in order to start a fire has been identified as 36-year-old Jeffrey Alan Acord of Puyallup, an alleged “regular attendee” of anti-police demonstrations in Seattle.

According to local news affiliate KIRO 7, passersby along Highway 167 in Washington state were somehow able to see Acord holding not just the piece of cardboard but also a small lighter as he allegedly started one of the many fires that blazed across the region in recent weeks.

While Acord says he merely witnessed the flames and decided to pull over in order to call the fire department, other drivers, we are told, indicated to police that they supposedly “watched the 36-year-old Puyallup man walk into a field carrying a lighter and cardboard.”

Acord is said to be an outspoken proponent of “defunding the police,” and has appeared at numerous left-wing events throughout Seattle in recent months. Acord is also facing other charges for allegedly breaking into a gas station.

Another individual, 28-year-old Jacob Altona, was also reported to have been arrested in connection to this arson incident. His arrest joins several others in supporting the narrative that potentially some of the major wildfires still ablaze may be linked to left-wing terrorism.

At least one sheriff’s deputy, in Clackamas County, Oregon, has come forward to suggest that at least some of the fires were started by members of Antifa, though he was reportedly punished by his department for making this claim while on duty and wearing his uniform.


Democrats shift blame from arson to climate change

While the right busily pegs blame for the wildfires exclusively on arson, the left is instead blaming them on “climate change.” Bernie Sanders, for instance, has taken the opportunity to push for the Green New Deal as a “solution” to the wildfires, ignoring what Breitbart News suggests is “the reality of poor forest management and environmentalist policies.”

Prescribed burning, many on the right insist, would help to thin out the forests and prevent them from so easily succumbing to massive wildfires. The left, however, has supposedly engaged a policy of “fire suppression” that only ends up exacerbating the problem.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is likewise blaming “global warming” for his state’s near-total collapse due to the fiery infernos. Standing before a charred, smoky background scene the other day, Newsom warned Americans that “the debate is now over around climate change,” as supposedly evidenced by all the burned trees smoldering behind him.

“Just come to the state of California, observe it with your own eyes,” Newsom declared, grinning the entire time. “It’s not an intellectual debate. It’s not even debatable.”

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, some 97 fires have already burned more than 4.7 million acres of land across the West Coast. More than 29,000 firefighters have been assigned to try to stop them, with evacuation orders currently in place for at least 40 of the largest blazes stretching across California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.”

President Trump recently visited California to assess the damage, meeting with state officials in Sacramento for about two hours to discuss the situation. During this meeting, Newsom told Trump to reconsider “the plumbing of the world,” pushing him to support climate policies that would recreate the world as most people currently know it.

“We’ll talk about forest management,” Trump rebutted. “I’ve been talking about it for a long time. They have to do that. You go to other countries and they don’t have this problem.”

More of the latest news about left-wing terrorism as we approach Nov. 3 can be found at Chaos.news.

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