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Image: Trump announces Jan. 1 end of surprise medical billing if reelected

(Natural News) President Donald Trump announced during a Sept. 11 campaign rally in Freeland, Michigan, that surprise medical billing will end by Jan. 1 next year. The announcement follows the president’s statement during his Sept. 3 stop at Pennsylvania regarding “price transparency” – another step in making Medicare less burdensome for Americans.

Surprise medical billing happens when someone receives medical care from a doctor or hospital not included in their health insurance provider’s network and gets billed for any services not covered by insurance. The administration has been moving to address this problem since May 2019.

Aside from ending surprise medical billing, President Trump also mentioned reductions on health insurance premiums and prescription drug costs at a level “never seen before.” Americans have long complained of exorbitant drug costs in the U.S. compared to other developed countries. The current Medicare system encourages doctors to prescribe higher-priced medications because they are entitled to huge commissions on these, even though more affordable options exist.

The president’s new measure on drug pricing will prompt Medicare to pay the lowest price among developed countries, instead of an average price among industrialized countries. This new pricing system helps reduce the amount seniors have to shell out for medicine, according to a piece by Forbes’ Avik Roy.

During the Michigan rally, the president remarked that drug companies were “not happy” with his plans to overhaul Medicare. “All you have to do is take a look at all the ads they’re running against me.”

“You’ll be able to negotiate, you’ll be able to do things you’re not even able to do now with hospitals!” the president told the Pennsylvania crowd.

He reiterated his commitment to making healthcare less burdensome for U.S. taxpayers during the Mich. rally: “We will protect Medicare and social security, and we will always protect our patients. We will always protect our people. We will protect your pre-existing conditions, as I said.”

Aside from healthcare reforms, the president outlined several policies to help Americans during the Pennsylvania campaign rally – including wage increases, bolstered support for public safety and law enforcement and restoration of “patriotic education” to schools. President Trump also told Mich. rally attendees that he was running to keep jobs in the state.

Trump warns Biden victory is a win for anti-American interests

He also took verbal jabs at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during both rallies, saying that his rival did not have Americans’ best interests in mind.

In Michigan, President Trump remarked that Biden wanted to “surrender your jobs to China” and “surrender your nation to the radical left-wing mob.” He added that Biden would not protect American jobs and families as he was “a puppet of the socialist, Marxist, and the cop-hating extremists.”

The jabs at Biden continued in Michigan, as President Trump claimed that the former vice president “devoted his career to offshoring Michigan’s jobs, outsourcing Michigan’s factories, throwing open your borders, dragging us into endless foreign wars and surrendering our children’s future to China and other faraway lands.”

The president warned that “if Biden wins,” it was not a victory for Americans – but a win for China and the “rioters, anarchists, arsonists and flag burners.”

President Trump’s warning might be correct: The Chinese state media expressed its support for Biden’s candidacy in August, as he was “smoother to deal with” than the incumbent. Cultivating profitable relations for China served the interests of the Bidens – Joe and his son Hunter – as they entered business partnerships with Chinese companies with military affiliations.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has failed to condemn the violence done by Black Lives Matter rioters and Antifa in different U.S. cities. Doing so would be a death blow to his presidential campaign, as these rioters make up a huge chunk of his voter base.

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