Nikola’s staged truck video reveals how EVERYTHING is faked today, yet marketed with dramatic videos and music to trick the masses

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Image: Nikola’s staged truck video reveals how EVERYTHING is faked today, yet marketed with dramatic videos and music to trick the masses

(Natural News) Hindenburg Research has come out with new claims alleging that the Nikola Corporation faked its Nikola One semi-truck “In Motion” video, which was apparently created simply by rolling a truck in neutral down a hill.

Former Nikola Chief Engineer Kevin Lynk claims that “the video was simply the result of Nikola towing the truck to the top of a hill and rolling it down,” which contradicts the company’s claim that the truck was fully functional at the time when it was filmed.

“The deception involved in the production of this video appears to have been elaborate,” a report about the scandal alleges.

“The company scouted a remote section of road on the Mormon Trail just to the south of Grantsville, Utah, which we have since located. This section of road is lightly used and features a 2-mile-long perfectly straight stretch with a consistent 3 percent grade – plenty of length and enough of a slop to get a motorless truck rolling.”

The Hindenburg report adds that its own team “rolled a vehicle in neutral down the same hill” and “reached a top speed of 56 mph and rolled for ~2.1 miles.”

Intrigued by the claims, many social media sleuths conducted similar experiments at the same location, putting their vehicles in neutral and riding down the hill. Sure enough, they all produced similar results.

Twitter user @Nick_P3D, for instance, took his Toyota Tacoma to the Mormon Trail spot and let it roll down the hill in neutral. His vehicle reached a top speed of 48 mph, and he plans to soon return with a Model 3 for further testing.

“This is a Nikola powertrain we’re testing,” the user joked. “I have no need to order the Badger. I’ve converted my Tacoma to the Nikola powertrain.”

How many other fake things are being passed off as real in today’s society?

The original Nikola One footage, which was first published to YouTube back in 2018, naturally created the illusion that the company had developed some sort of superior engine capable of pulling a big rig. We now know, however, that the whole thing was faked, and the engineless vehicle was simply coasting down a gentle slope.

Nikola has become a laughingstock as a result, its #NikolaChallenge hashtag now being used across social media to document people’s experiences coasting their vehicles in neutral down the Mormon Trail.

Similar to Elon Musk’s “Cybertruck” fraud, which we documented was faked using a similar hill incline deception, the authenticity of Nikola’s One Semi video has been completely blown to pieces through simple homemade experimentation.

Speaking of Tesla, the company’s “full self-driving” feature is also a fraud, having been exposed by Consumer Reports as a dangerous, untested beta program that barely works and puts people’s lives at risk.

What this means is that we now have fake news, fake science, fake cars, and a soon-to-be fake election with what may contend are fake candidates pushing fake narratives. Is there anything left in American society that is not fake?

“The greatest victim in all this is Nikola Tesla, the man,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter. “A true genius that died dead broke while two fraudsters stack billions using his good name. I have less than zero sympathy for any investor that goes broke investing in these obvious scams.”

“Nikola can disprove the allegation by letting reporters examine the truck,” wrote another. “At this point they should have several working mules and prototypes. Hindenburg can prove the case by getting video/pics of the truck being towed to Utah.”

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