Dr. Bronner soap company pledged $1 million to Black Lives Matter that went on to perpetuate riots, murders, and destruction across America

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Image: Dr. Bronner soap company pledged $1 million to Black Lives Matter that went on to perpetuate riots, murders, and destruction across America

(Natural News) The Black Lives Matter riots will continue as long as corporations keep pumping money into this destructive movement. The latest company to pledge money to the domestic terror network is Dr. Bronner’s, a family soap maker that has been around since 1858.

These aren’t just one-time donations either. In 2020, Dr. Bronner’s has handed $100,000 to the Black Lives Matter network so far and has pledged to pay them another $1 million over the next decade. This is deeply concerning because Dr. Bronner’s is a company with a history of great products and good intentions. But now Dr. Bronner’s is naively giving away capital to a criminal network that has done nothing but spread its own brand of racism and violence, while demeaning the very heritage they are supposed to be representing.

Yes, most people want to live in a more just society, where all men and women are treated equally regardless of their skin color, but the Black Lives Matter movement is the opposite of all that is just and fair. This movement is responsible for relentless attacks on law enforcement, business owners and innocent people. The BLM mob is a political tool of destruction and oppression, forging a society where anyone who disagrees with them is to be shouted down and beaten, their home and business set ablaze.

Dr. Bronner’s states on their website: “The ambitious and strategic vision of organizations and networks like the Movement for Black Lives to transform and end the systemic racism that pervades the police and criminal justice system today is of paramount importance to creating a better and more just world. We believe this movement will win.”


Dr. Bronner’s is complicit in BLM’s destruction of America

Dr. Bronner joins a growing list of companies that are complicit in the crimes and murders committed by the Black Lives Matter thugs who continue to destroy property and pillage innocent lives. AirBNB is donating $500,000 to BLM and has committed to match employee donations. The Ford Motor Company Foundation has financed BLM criminal activity to the tune of $100 million. The leaders of these companies are afraid they will be shamed as racists if they do not fund these Black Lives Matter networks. Consumed by white guilt, these companies are committing large sums of capital to a destructive movement, as if they are being emotionally extorted from.

The death of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Dijon Kizzee are being dishonored by the Black Lives Matter movement. Not only that, but the deaths they riot for are being dwarfed by the number of deaths and the acts of malice that have taken the lives of law enforcement and other innocents. Some evil people in the BLM movement are even calling these deaths of innocents justified and necessary as the BLM continues to reap funds from corporations across America to continue on with their own killing spree.

Boycott Dr. Bronner’s if they do not recommit their capital to a constructive cause

If companies like Dr. Bronner’s want to support a world that respects equal treatment under the law, then they can start by supporting the rule of law, instead of pumping money into a movement that destroys lives through mob force, using false accusations, shaming tactics and deadly violence. If Dr. Bronner’s does not take a stand against the crimes committed by the BLM network; if they do not recommit their capital to constructive causes and real humanitarian missions, then Dr. Bronner’s should be boycotted at all costs.

No one in their right mind should want to see America suffer over the next decade from continuous riots. Dr. Bronner’s must immediately pull all their support from BLM and recommit their capital to a cause of justice, not the destruction of human lives and the Marxist overthrow of America.

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