Wisconsinites begin grassroots effort to recall Gov. Tony Evers over disastrous handling of coronavirus pandemic, Kenosha riots

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Image: Wisconsinites begin grassroots effort to recall Gov. Tony Evers over disastrous handling of coronavirus pandemic, Kenosha riots

(Natural News) An effort to recall the Democratic governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, has begun spreading all over the state. The recall was organized by Misty Polewczynski, a resident of Burlington, Racine County, located to the north of Kenosha.

In a Facebook page, Polewczynski posted the document that she submitted to the state petitioning for the recall of Gov. Evers. In the form, she cites Evers’ lackluster response to both the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as well as the rioting and civil unrest in Kenosha as the main reasons that the governor is unfit to remain in office.

“Tony Evers has proven to be unfit for office. His gross negligence and incompetence in all matters pertaining to the duties of governor regarding the health, safety and economic well being of the citizens of Wisconsrelin. The unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns have cost citizens their businesses, homes, jobs and livelihood. His tolerance of violence and giving into irrational demands along with the issuance of premature statements has not only put the safety of the citizens and their property in danger, but also placed the lives of law enforcement and reliability of the justice system in danger.”

Polewczynski also filed the paperwork to recall Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, who is also a Democrat. She is not working with either the Wisconsin Republican Party or with any other established political organization in the state.

Once a recall petition drive has been officially registered with the proper state authorities, Wisconsin law gives the organizers 60 days to gather at least 25 percent of the total number of votes cast in the previous gubernatorial election. This means that Polewczynski has until Wednesday, October 28 – a week before the election – to gather 668,327 signatures. If they meet the required number of signatures required to trigger the recall elections, state officials would then have to schedule it.


“The citizens of Wisconsin right now feel extremely unsafe,” said Polewczynski in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We’re not willing to stand by and watch our cities burn.” She stated that she is partly motivated due to her concern that her brother, a Kenosha resident, might become a victim of the violence in that city. (Related: Left-wing rioters in Kenosha are now setting fire to apartment buildings with families trapped inside.)

Wisconsin Democrats strongly criticize grassroots initiative to recall Gov. Evers

The Democrats in Wisconsin have condemned the effort to recall their governor. Courtney Beyer, a spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, said that the attempt to recall Evers during a global pandemic and heightened civil unrest is “irresponsible and absurd.” She further cites a recent poll that showed that the governor has a 57 percent job approval rating.

While Polewczynski recognizes the difficult job ahead of her, she remains confident that it can be done. She has even set up a Facebook page where she can organize her grassroots efforts. As of writing, the group has over 52,000 members. She said that she has contacted organizers who identify as both Republican and Democrat who are frustrated with Evers’ administration to help her out.

The last gubernatorial recall election to occur in Wisconsin was launched in late 2011 and early 2012 by the Democratic Party against then-incumbent Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican. They gathered around 900,000 signatures, only to have Walker win the recall election against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by nearly seven percentage points.

While state Democrats like Gov. Evers are bungling their response to both the coronavirus pandemic and the engineered rioting, national Democrats like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have declared members of the GOP to be “enemies of the state.” Learn more by listening to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

Petition drive “off to a good start”

Polewczynski began her recall drive by heading over to Echo Park in Burlington, where she had set up a small table where people could come and sign the petition.

Speaking to a fellow organizer, Polewczynski said that signature collection was “off to a good start.”

“I know that one of the [signature collection] locations got 1,500 signatures and another got 1,000,” she said.

The WUWM reporter who covered the beginning of the recall drive even pointed out how there was a steady stream of people coming up to Polewczynski’s table to sign the petition.

Bob Koenecke, a signatory, said that he does not agree with Evers’ decision to lock down the state. “We’re just not into socialism,” he said. “We’re more into freedom.”

While Koenecke is focused on recalling Evers for his response to COVID-19, others want the governor out because of his lackluster handling of the riots in Kenosha. Roger Holmes, another signatory, said that he wanted “law and order” in the state, and Evers and the Democrats are not providing that to him.

Democrats all over the country are being criticized for their inability to put a decisive end to the rioting in cities like Kenosha, Portland and Seattle. Learn about the latest news regarding the civil unrest at Rioting.news.

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