Defending yourself against BLM and Antifa terrorism makes you a villain, according to the mainstream media

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Image: Defending yourself against BLM and Antifa terrorism makes you a villain, according to the mainstream media

(Natural News) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a piece that was republished by USA Today has decided to openly vilify 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself against Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorists who initiated riots and looting after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The article, written by someone named Gina Barton, describes Rittenhouse has having “opened fire in Kenosha” alongside other “[w]hite guys with big guns.” Barton paints Rittenhouse as the aggressor in the situation, suggesting that he terrorized other black lives by raising an “assault rifle” and pointing it at them.

The gist of the piece is that evil whitey has once again terrorized innocent black lives by brandishing firearms in public and using “scare tactics” to “intimidate” innocent protesters seeking what they see as justice for Blake.

Because two people died after being shot by Rittenhouse, who was merely protecting himself in self-defense, he is now being charged with five felonies and a misdemeanor, which Barton seems to be gleeful about because it cuts into a local “militia group,” as she describes it, that is made up of “[h]undreds of white men with guns,” which is automatically bad.

Just like with previous rioting incidents following George Floyd and other black deaths, hordes of angry BLM and Antifa terrorists have swarmed the streets to destroy property, violently assault innocent bystanders and steal merchandise in “solidarity” with “anti-racism.” And the minute anyone fights back against it, he or she is branded as a villain, especially if white.


BLM can do no wrong, and anyone who fights back against it is evil

Barton’s lengthy piece, in a nutshell, glorifies the “protesters” who were actually out in the streets of Kenosha destroying private property and violently assaulting the elderly (WARNING: graphic content and vulgarity) in order to “end racism.” Meanwhile, she vilifies Rittenhouse and others who were there to protect the city from the violent mobs looking for blood.

This has pretty much become the M.O. of the mainstream media in the age of “elevating black voices.” No matter what the BLM and Antifa mobs do, whether it involves destruction or violence, it is justified as demonstration of “protest.” And no matter what those being targeted do to try to defend themselves, it is dubbed as “aggression” and “racism.”

The media, in other words, is complicit in the violent destruction of America at the hands of BLM and Antifa, glorifying its members as “heroes” while decrying patriots as “part of the problem.” Pay close attention to how the narratives are written and see for yourself the way that self-defense is quickly becoming an act of “terrorism” in the eyes of the far-left corporate media.

No matter what Barton or anyone else writes about Rittenhouse, the fact of the matter is that he was defending himself. Even Barton herself admits that area police were thankful that Rittenhouse and others were there to aid in protecting Kenosha against the sustained violence and chaos coming from BLM and Antifa in response to the Blake incident.

Keep in mind that Rittenhouse was accosted, verbally threatened, and chased down the street by armed rioters while trying to protect a local mechanic shop from being destroyed and shot up by a group of aggressors. He also had an attacker lunge towards him while reaching for his rifle, prompting him to respond.

But rather than pay this any mind, Barton and the rest of the mainstream media is making Rittenhouse out to be the villain, just like it did to the McCloskeys of St. Louis when they were forced to defend their property against a violent BLM and Antifa mob.

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