Black Lives Matter finally being honest, admits it exists to protect “black criminals”

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Image: Black Lives Matter finally being honest, admits it exists to protect “black criminals”

(Natural News) During a recent march through the streets of Washington, D.C., Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters were heard screaming about how one of the people groups they are fighting to protect from the police are “black criminals.”

The narrative has suddenly shifted, in other words, and BLM is now admitting that its members are not simply trying to protect innocent black men and women from unfair treatment by cops, but also black men and women who commit crimes that are worthy of arrest and prosecution.

Jacob Blake, for instance, is a violent woman abuser who committed sexual assault and all sorts of other crimes. But to the BLM mobs marching in his honor, he is a victim of “injustice,” even though he had entered a vehicle presumably to reach for a gun at the time when he was shot by police in self-defense.

Blake’s extensive history of violent crime and abuse against women is being not just overlooked but justified by BLM, which apparently believes that black people should be able to do anything they want, crime or otherwise, without any repercussions.

This is what BLM has been about from the start, of course, defending violent criminals while shaming their victims. BLM exists to invert the truth and make heroes out of criminals, while vilifying those who do good as “racist aggressors.”

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Three black lives went on violent shooting spree in suburban Chicago neighborhood over weekend; BLM to side with them over victims

This past weekend in Wheaton and Lombard, two Chicago suburbs, three black lives reportedly went on a violent shooting spree, terrorizing innocent white families and attempting to rape at least four underage white girls.

These three black lives are male, just like Jacob Blake and George Floyd, and all have since been apprehended by police. Consequently, we expect BLM to side with them since they are black criminals, rather than with the victims they terrorized while breaking into homes, brandishing firearms, and attempting to murder innocent people.

“Are black leaders going to condemn this?” asked one Twitter user, noting that the three black lives had engaged in a “crime spree targeting White suburban families, breaking into homes and shoot (sic) a Father trying to defend his daughter from being raped by the savages.”

We also wonder if BLM will stand with the black life of Darius Sessoms, who point-blank executed white five-year-old Cannon Hinant while he was playing in his family’s front yard.

Since BLM has yet to condemn Sessoms for murdering this innocent boy, and only continues to terrorize white people as part of its “reparations” plan for rectifying “social injustice,” we can only assume that BLM supports the murder of innocent white children by black lives. BLM thus needs to be dealt with accordingly.

“So they have reversed Martin Luther King’s wish,” wrote one Twitter user about the racist hypocrisy of BLM. “Instead of being judged on the content of their character, they want people to be judged by the color of their skin. Ironic.”

“And they always want to segregate themselves now,” wrote another. “We are going backwards.”

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