Covid-19 will never be solved by today’s medical system because Western medicine has been engineered to profit from sickness

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Image: Covid-19 will never be solved by today’s medical system because Western medicine has been engineered to profit from sickness

(Natural News) Intelligent, skillful doctors and brave, compassionate nurses are doing their best to respond to the many challenges of the current covid-19 crisis. Despite their valiant efforts, covid-19 will never be solved through the portals of today’s medical system because Western medicine has been strategically engineered, over several decades, to profit from sickness and vanquish healing modalities.

The origins of Western medicine go back to John D. Rockefeller and a band of oil tycoons who expanded their business operations by hijacking U.S. medicine supplies, by controlling the information taught at U.S. medical schools, and by persecuting doctors and suppressing natural medicines that had worked for hundreds of years. The current suppression of chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, chlorine dioxide, zinc, artemisinin (sweet wormwood), glycyrrhizin, flavonoids, and other immune system-supporting vitamins is just the tip of the iceberg, revealing how greedy pharmaceutical companies harm human lives for profit, hindering patient outcomes.

Today’s error-prone medical system is the product of petroleum tycoons who suppressed botanical medicines

When it was discovered that petroleum could be manufactured into patentable, highly profitable drugs, Rockefeller seized the opportunity to expand his petroleum business, infiltrating U.S. medicine with highly addictive coal-tar drug formulations. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that manufactured chemical weapons for Adolf Hitler, and he quickly put it to use, infiltrating U.S. medicine supplies with an assembly line of sickly, immune-suppressant drugs that contribute to infectious disease complications, chronic diseases and cancers that are occurring at rapid pace today.

New coal-tar formulations were developed to suppress symptoms in patients. These drugs never addressed the whole individual and led to new cycles of side effects and health problems that made the entire medical system more profitable.

Hundreds of years of healing wisdom buried by Rockefeller’s domineering, coal-tar drug submission system

Rockefeller used his growing fortune to control Congress, coercing U.S. representatives to denounce natural healing modalities as “unscientific quackery.” As he took control over the American Medical Association, Rockefeller offered large grants to medical schools as long as they taught his version of medicine and treatment. It wasn’t long before profitable drugs replaced the un-patentable molecules from nature that had been studied and used with success for hundreds of years. As medical curriculum became controlled, the science of medicine and its progress were buried. The use of nutrients and specific phyto-chemicals and their combinations were forbidden in medical schools. Over time, medical professionals became ignorant of the ways in which the body healed, adapted and how the mind and heart played a role in the process.

The original medicines were erased from medical textbooks, and doctors that tried to pass on this wisdom to save lives, were swiftly persecuted by the Rockefeller-controlled media. The media attacks were so severe, they led to the persecution of doctors. These doctors who refused the Rockefeller model were stripped of their license, arrested and jailed. Rockefeller’s petroleum-based drugs replaced hundreds of years of phyto-chemical compounds and botanical medicines that were instrumental in helping people recover from infectious disease and other health issues.

The pharmaceutical industry now spends billions of dollars annually to influence laws, policies and public perception, perpetuating the John D. Rockefeller way. Covid-19 cannot be solved entirely by this system, nor can any infectious disease be erased because the origins of this system are the root of the problem. The truth is that medical error is the third leading cause of death in America, consuming more lives than covid-19, while in many ways contributing to the overall mortality rate of this infectious disease.

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