NYC residents are buying body armor in record numbers as lawless Democrats defund police and protect violent criminals

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Image: NYC residents are buying body armor in record numbers as lawless Democrats defund police and protect violent criminals

(Natural News) With violent crime on the rise, residents of New York City who have not yet fled the failing metropolis are taking matters into their own hands by stocking up on bulletproof vests and other protective survival gear.

According to reports, sales of body armor in the Big Apple have nearly doubled compared to this same time last year, a demonstrative consequence of the unrest and chaos that continues to plague the area under the failed leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“You wouldn’t believe the people who call up and say, ‘I’m scared,'” says Brad Pedell, owner of 221B Tactical in Midtown, which has seen around an 80 percent spike in body armor sales in recent weeks.

Most of Pedell’s customers hail from Brooklyn and the Bronx, where violent shootings have skyrocketed amid ongoing “protests” by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa. But others come from wealthier areas of Manhattan, which are also being hit hard by all the unrest.

One Manhattan woman who declined to discuss why she continues to buy up body armor indicated via text that she is merely “a private citizen” who is trying to “keep a low profile.”

A man from Queens who reportedly bought a bulletproof vest for a family member who works in a crime-ridden area of the Bronx, similarly refused to explain any further details as to what prompted him to make the purchase.

According to Pedell, the general sentiment is one of, “the neighborhood is getting dangerous,” which pretty much gets right to the point.


New Yorkers must have missed Jerry Nadler’s memo that the Empire State is completely violence-free

What New Yorkers are encountering firsthand flies in the face of claims recently made by state Rep. Jerry Nadler, who on captured video suggested that all the violence is just a “myth.”

Perhaps Nadler needs to stop in to 221B Tactical sometime and have a chat with Pedell and his customers, who are right there on the frontlines dealing with the escalating violence that Nadler claims does not actually exist.

As it turns out, BLM and Antifa are showing no signs of relenting in their crusade to burn down not just NYC but the entirety of America. Law enforcement continues to battle these raging mobs of domestic terrorists, which are destroying businesses, attacking innocent people, and ravaging entire city blocks and neighborhoods with destruction.

Many New Yorkers are clearly worried about the violence spilling over into their locales, as well as being in “the wrong place at the wrong time” when “protesters” clash with police or other opposing groups.

“The Amazing Kreskin,” an illusionist who reportedly appeared off-Broadway back in 2018, is another such individual who is planning ahead for the worst by snapping up “high-priced, well-designed” body armor for his own protection and peace of mind.

The 85-year-old resident of nearby New Jersey says that he “absolutely” would don what he has purchased if ever coming to NYC anytime soon.

“I love the city, but you can no longer feel at home and comfortable with a degree of safety,” he is quoted as saying.

“What really hits home is look at all the innocent children who have been shot,” he added. “Right now I would not feel comfortable living in New York City.”

According to retired New York Police Department (NYPD) sergeant and professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, “people are scared,” both of visiting and living in NYC.

“Guns are flying off the shelves and now bullet-resistant vests,” he says. “Bring back cast iron tubs. That’s where mothers used to put their kids to sleep to deflect the bullets.”

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