BLOOD in the streets: Left-wing Portland rioters display bloody guillotine as they burn American flags; new Democrat logo says “Death to America”

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Image: BLOOD in the streets: Left-wing Portland rioters display bloody guillotine as they burn American flags; new Democrat logo says “Death to America”

(Natural News) Now the mask is off and the Democrats are telling us exactly what they have planned for America. In Portland, left-wing rioters — all of whom support Joe Biden over President Trump — brought a blood-splattered guillotine to the riot and put it on display while they burned American flags and held “Black Lives Matter” signs, demanding an end to America.

Their message couldn’t be any more clear: They seek to burn America to the ground and murder anyone who gets in their way. They are violent left-wing lunatics who respect no law, no freedoms for anyone else, and no rules of civilized society. They nearly all support communism and Joe Biden, and they promise to burn down America’s cities and murder people in the streets if they don’t get what they want.

Here’s a snapshot distributed by the Portland Police Bureau:

And here’s a video of the burning of American flags:

The Portland Police Bureau issued an official statement describing “rocks, bottles and dangerous items” that were thrown at police, alongside blinding lasers wielded by left-wing rioters trying to cause permanent eye damage to law enforcement. Remember these are the people every Democrat in America describes as “mostly peaceful.”

Via the PPB statement:

Many participants in the march carried hardened shields, helmets, armor, gas masks, and wore all black clothing. At least one participant targeted the Portland Police Air Support Unit airplane with a green laser. This is extremely dangerous and could cause disorientation for the pilot, in addition to permanent eye damage. Individuals in the crowd threw rocks, eggs, and glass bottles in the direction of the officers… Someone rolled a mock guillotine with a stuffed bear into the street (photo). The bear and multiple U.S. flags were burned. Paint balloons were launched at officers, as well as green lasers.


New Democrat logo spells out “Death to America”

The new DNC logo, meanwhile, which claims to say “D20” (as in Democrats ’20) places a map of the United States inside the zero, appearing to read “D 2 America” or “Death to America.”

Death to America, of course, is exactly what Democrats and Leftists really want. It’s what Barack Obama and Joe Biden fought to achieve during their eight years of power, during which Obama worked to systematically destroy the very fabric of this nation while compromising national security and putting treasonous, anti-American globalists in positions of power throughout the Pentagon.

Obama is a sleeper cell traitor to America, yet he remains the darling of Democrats and left-wing voters who think Obama was the “savior” of this nation. (They are oblivious to reality.)

America is in a hot civil war, and these left-wing terrorists will not stop until they are engaged with force

What has become abundantly obvious to anyone paying attention is that America is already in a hot civil war, and radical Leftists are carrying out relentless, violent and sometimes deadly attacks against innocent people because no one has stopped them.

At some point — and hopefully soon — law enforcement and the American people will realize that if you don’t engage these terrorists with force, they will burn down your cities and destroy your nation.

That’s why law enforcement nationwide need to be given the green light to shoot all terrorists on sight. It’s easy to spot the terrorists, of course: They’re the ones wielding pro-terrorism signs like “Black Lives Matter,” which is a domestic terrorist organization founded by convicted terrorists who bombed government buildings (and got caught).

If America continues to stand by and do nothing while these terrorists destroy our cities, assault police officers and attack innocent bystanders, then the arrogance and aggressiveness of left-wing terror groups will only grow. They will carry out exactly as much terrorism as America tolerates, and if they are never stopped, they will overthrow the United States government and usher in a radical left-wing communist regime. This is their stated goal.

That’s why sooner or later, America has to draw a line in the sand and declare Black Lives Matter and Antifa to be active domestic terrorism organizations, then hunt down and arrest their leaders. When left-wing terrorists assault police officers in the streets, they should be shot on sight. Only when the radical Left is engaged with force will they learn that “No” means “No” (something their helicopter parents never taught them, which is part of the entire problem here).

These left-wing terrorists have always acquired everything they wanted in life by screaming, pouting and playing the victim. Society has rewarded them by surrendering to their demands, reinforcing their learned victimhood and adding fuel to their crybully tactics. Now, as young adults, these same immature leftists think they can overthrow the United States of America by resorting to the same crybully tactics that convinced mommy to coddle them and give them everything they want. For once in their life, they need to be told “No!” in the only language they understand: FORCE.

Combat veteran warns of “blood in the streets” as Leftists are allowed to terrorize America

To help you get prepared for what’s coming, we’ve posted an important new interview with “NC Scout,” a combat veteran who warns that there will be “blood in the streets” immediately after this upcoming election. In fact, we may not even make it to the election before there’s blood in America’s cities, thanks to insane Leftists.

This is a very important interview to watch and share if you want to know where things are headed:

Brighteon link:

Censorship-resistant link:

Listen to this interview and you’ll understand what’s coming. If you don’t own an AR-15 and know how to run it, you’re crazy.

I’ve also posted a free, nine-hour audiobook that you can download right now called the “Global Reset Survival Guide.” It’s a completely free download with MP3 files and a printable PDF transcript for the hearing impaired. Get it now at:

Get prepared, friends. We are already in a hot civil war, but so far only one side is fighting, and it’s the Left. It’s time that pro-America forces were given the green light to engage and defeat these domestic enemies.

Where is President Trump? He should be declaring BLM and Antifa domestic terrorism organizations and unleashing law enforcement nationwide to engage and stop these terrorists with force. Perhaps he’s waiting for Election Day. If so, then Nov. 4th is going to all-out war across America, with no laws and no limits. If you’re a patriot, prepare to help clean out the sewers of this country by flushing left-wing terrorists down the drains.

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