Libtard logic: It’s okay for people to LOOT in person, but not VOTE in person

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Image: Libtard logic: It’s okay for people to LOOT in person, but not VOTE in person

(Natural News) The Democrats seem to have no problem with, and are actually encouraging, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorists to “protest” in person whenever and wherever they wish. Why, then, is it not okay for people to vote in person?

Donald Trump Jr., the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, asked this question the other day during an appearance on Fox Business‘ “Morning with Maria” program.

Trump Jr. stated plainly that “Democrats seem fine with looting in person,” but are simultaneously whining about people having to vote in person. This disparity is completely nonsensical, he noted, adding that, “if you can loot in person, you can vote in person.”

“We are fine, and my father’s been very clear about being fine with absentee balloting, where one individual goes through a procedure, requests a ballot,” Trump Jr. went on to explain, debunking the conspiracy theory myth that President Donald Trump disapproves of all forms of mail-in voting.

“This is a system that’s worked very well in Florida and many other states, but it’s tied to an individual with an actual form of identification to eliminate that fraud,” he added. “And if you go through that process, we’re 100 percent fine with that for those who don’t necessarily want to go to the polling booth that day. So, it’s not that we’re trying to say you can’t do any of it.”

Why won’t Democrats agree to absentee voting?

As you may recall from back in June, President Trump was censored by Twitter for tweeting about the problems with mail-in voting – problems that Democrat Jerry Nadler several decades ago likewise warned might put the integrity of elections at risk.

Piggy-backing on what Nadler himself earlier admitted, Trump warned that there is no way mail-in ballots “will be anything less than substantially fraudulent” – and he is exactly right. The process has never been done on a national scale, and it is simply inconceivable to think that it will go smoothly and honestly.

“Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed,” Trump went on to tweet.

Twitter, of course, deemed this information “false,” and put up a “fact-check” to supposedly “debunk” it. But nothing has been debunked, as mail-in voting in the way Democrats are pushing it is ripe for fraud, just as Trump is warning.

The simple solution for people who feel uncomfortable voting in person is to simply go through the normal absentee process, which would seem like a common sense solution. But the Democrats are resisting the common sense approach in favor of reinventing the wheel, which of course would work in their favor.

“Again, we’re 100 percent fine with absentee balloting,” Trump Jr. reiterated during the interview. “People go through the regular process. And you know that one person is getting one vote. That’s the way our system is designed, and we’re 100 percent fine with that.”

Commenting on the news, several Breitbart News commenters noted that there are many things people can do in person, without masks, if rioters and looters are able to wreak havoc and cause destruction without them.

“If you can loot without a mask, you can go to church without a mask,” wrote one.

Others noted that absentee voting is different than mail-in voting because the latter option, at least in the way Democrats want to do it, involves sending out “mass voting ballots without even updating their voter registration, so guess what … every dead person that hasn’t been taken off will get a ballot … and if you just moved, you can fill out another and another … pure fraud.”

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