Big shocker: Newsom admits that “green” energy is why California is suffering through blackouts

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Image: Big shocker: Newsom admits that “green” energy is why California is suffering through blackouts

(Natural News) In a rare admission of guilt and complicity, California Gov. Gavin Newsom now says that so-called “green” energy has failed his state, and is directly responsible for the energy deficit that led to energy providers having to implement rolling blackouts.

Relying on solar and wind instead of nuclear and coal has made it so that things like cloud cover and non-moving air interfere with the ability of Californians to power their homes. Along with unexpected heatwaves, these unstable energy sources are simply not sustainable in the long run, Newsom now admits.

“Newsome says the transition away from fossil fuels has left California with a gap in the reliability of its energy system,” writes Alexei Koseff for the San Francisco Chronicle. “He says the state must examine its reliance on solar power and how that fits into its broader energy portfolio.”

In a statement, Newsom indicated that California is anticipating a “substantially greater need for energy.” Currently, the Golden State is about 4,400 megawatts short of what it needs, which represents a “ten times greater shortfall than Saturday.”

This ‘Saturday’ he referred to occurred last weekend, when many parts of California reached triple-digit temperatures, resulting in millions cranking up their air conditioning units all at the same time.

“We failed to predict and plan these shortages and that’s simply unacceptable,” Newsom further added.

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It’s time to do away with “green” energy and return to first-world power options

According to John Nolte from Breitbart News, however, nobody in California “failed to predict” anything. Since the state has had decades to prepare for this type of thing, the truth is more that state leaders simply refused to do so, instead pushing for more “green” energy alternatives that would supposedly help to save the planet.

In addition to not actually being “green,” so-called green energy is a farce in that it ends up leaving society vulnerable to every shift in weather or unexpected event that comes along, much like what third-world countries have to deal with due to lack of proper infrastructure.

“No one has to live like this in the 21st century,” Nolte, a former Californian, writes. “All you need to do is build more power and nuclear plants and the problem is solved. Yes, it really is that easy.”

In just the past month or so, California has actually seen the shutdown of not just one but two “conventional” power plants, which has further exacerbated its current energy crisis. One of the plants was shut down for “service” earlier this month, while the other shut down “unexpectedly.”

Neither is back up and running, and Californians are certainly aware of this as their lights flicker on and off, even as their mobile phones light up with state-issued text messages about keeping the A/C and appliances off whenever possible.

Another option for California is more geothermal power plants, which are emission-free. But the Los Angeles Times and other left-leaning media outlets are against this, too, as such plants supposedly cost “several times more” than “a comparably sized solar or wind farm.”

In other words, the Left only wants wind and solar, and nothing else – even if it means having to live hot and in the dark during the peak of summer. If this is progress, then perhaps it is time to regress, would you not agree?

“California is a failed state, and it is not the fault of the Democrat Party – it is what it is … It’s the fault of voters who continue to double down on failure, who have given these loons a veto-proof majority in the state legislature,” Nolte concludes.

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