UK’s self-administered abortion pill program is killing women, leaked email indicates

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Image: UK’s self-administered abortion pill program is killing women, leaked email indicates

(Natural News) If this doesn’t prove how callous, ghoulish and diabolical the Left’s head-long pursuit and defense of abortion at any cost really is, nothing will.

A leaked email from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service indicates that the British government’s self-administration abortion pill program is having a dramatic ill-effect on women, even leading to death in some cases.

“The email cites 13 incidents which have seriously affected women’s health. Is this the tip of an iceberg? The leaked email was sent from the Regional Chief Midwife from one region in England. What is happening in the rest of the country?” Antonia Tully, a spokeswoman for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) noted in a statement.

According to the May 21 email, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) knew there was an “escalating risk” regarding the pills, which are part of a “service” to provide abortion pills to women without forcing them to see a healthcare professional for a consultation.

The email said that 13 cases are currently being investigated by NHS officials including the murder of a baby that was born alive after a do-it-yourself abortion did not occur because pills were delivered past the recommended 10-week time limit.

“The CQC indicated that they are aware of 13 incidents related to this process,” said the email, which was marked “urgent,” Lifesite News reported.

“The incidents … range between women attending ED [Emergency Department] with significant pain and bleeding related to the process through to ruptured ectopics, major resuscitation for major hemorrhage and the delivery of infants who are up to 30 weeks gestation,” the email continued. 


“There was also a near miss where a woman had received the pills by post and then wished for a scan so attended a trust and was found to be 32 weeks. There are 3 police investigations in [the second region] linked to these incidents and one of those is currently a murder investigation as there is a concern that the baby was born alive. The PM is being undertaken by a home office pathologist,” it said.

In addition, the midwife cited two maternal deaths in the email. The CQC went on to say that the women who died hadn’t gotten abortion pills, however. (Related: Abortion activists launch airborne ‘abortion drone’ to air-drop abortion pills to citizens.)

“Whether these women got the abortion pills through the post or from an abortion clinic, they both died and this is both a tragedy and a scandal,” Tully said. 

“There are deadly packages sent from  abortion providers landing on the doormat of households up and down England. Women have been assured that doing their own abortion at home is safe and simple. That’s a lie. We’ve got to tell women the truth about abortion pills,” she continued, adding that her organization’s “Tell the Truth Campaign” seeks to ensure that “the full horror of this barbaric DIY abortion scheme” is revealed to lawmakers and the public.

“The leaked NHS email refers to 13 incidents, taking place within a period of only 51 days. We’ve now had DIY abortions for 126 days,” Tully said last week. 

“How many more women have died in this one region alone? How many more babies have been murdered after surviving an abortion? Multiply this by the rest of the country and you start to get a sense of the appalling fallout from DIY abortions.”

In a sense, you could say these deaths are coronavirus-related; the do-in-yourself program was introduced by the government’s health service earlier this year thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown of the country.

“SPUC is appealing for anyone with access to official information on abortion related maternal deaths or the misuse of abortion pills sent through the post to get in touch,” Tully said, advising women to contact the organization with any useful information.

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