Portland “protesters” are launching coordinated LASER attacks on federal officers

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Image: Portland “protesters” are launching coordinated LASER attacks on federal officers

(Natural News) More than 100 law enforcement officers trying to keep the peace in Portland amid ongoing riots have been injured by commercial-grade lasers that “protesters” are reportedly using as weapons to “fight racism.”

According to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) senior official Ken Cuccinelli, eye injuries are on the rise from these powerful lasers, which similar to laser pens can damage the retina when pointed directly into them.

“We’ve had more eye injuries from lasers,” he stated before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the Constitution, adding that “these are commercially available that you are seeing used now in Portland to a degree that we have never seen before.”

Entitled, “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence,” the panel, headed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, is investigating ways to put an end to all of this violence while still allowing those who legitimately want to protest to make their voices heard.

“We’ve had more eye injuries than I can ever remember among our officers in another incident,” Cuccinelli added. “Of all our injuries, eyes are number one, 113 out of 277” injuries to DHS officers working in Portland.

Cuccinelli, who currently serves as acting deputy secretary of DHS, further testified that commercial-grade lasers have the ability to inflict serious eye injuries within a matter of seconds. And they do this by causing the human eye to see the color green more intensely than other parts of the color spectrum.

“Your eye, the human eye, sees the green part of the spectrum more brightly than, say, red, something like 10 times brighter,” he explained.


“The body has about a .02 second look-away reaction and one of the challenges is, if you are not looking at the person who is assaulting you with the laser, you can’t figure out who is performing the assault.”

Portland protesters who emerge after 11 p.m. are looking for violence, Cuccinelli says

Worse is the fact that Portland “protesters” seem to be coordinating their laser attacks from multiple angles, which makes it even more difficult for law enforcement officers to look away or otherwise protect themselves from potentially permanent eye damage.

Using the word “coordinated” to describe these attacks, Cuccinelli says that the worst of it tends to emerge later on at night after the legitimately peaceful protesters have already gone home.

“This is sort of the Portland formula,” he says. “There is peaceful protesting until 10 or 11 p.m., and then they go away and maybe some of them come back, but the group that comes back is, A, much bigger, but also, they come back for violence.”

According to Erin Neeley Cox, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and co-head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Task Force on Violence Anti-Government Extremists, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched more than 300 different domestic terrorist investigations since May 28. And these do not even include any potential civil rights violations investigations or violent crime incidents associated with these ongoing riots.

This just goes to show how serious the situation has become. And to help clarify it, even more, Cruz showed a video during his opening statement that contrasted the peaceful demonstrations led by the late Rev. Martin Luther King and the violent insanity taking place on a nightly basis in Portland.

“Time to start mass arrests of Antifa and BLM terrorists,” wrote one commenter at The Epoch Times. “[P]rosecute all and execute the leaders. If we the people have to do it – we will. We will not let these parasites continue.”

“Lasers should be met with lethal force,” wrote another.

More of the latest news about the situation in Portland is available at Chaos.news.

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