Delta Air Lines bans over 100 people from flying with them for refusing to comply with company’s mask mandate

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Image: Delta Air Lines bans over 100 people from flying with them for refusing to comply with company’s mask mandate

(Natural News) Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said that his company’s no-fly list has greatly expanded after they started banning passengers from flying with Delta if they refuse to comply with the company’s COVID-19 mask mandate.

“We’ve had well over 100 people that have refused to keep their mask on during the flight,” Bastian said in an interview. The CEO further said that while a vast majority of Delta’s flyers have complied with the company’s mask mandate, the few who did not have been blamed for causing flight disruptions.

A company spokesperson confirmed that these people have lost their ability to book future flights with Delta.

Bastian said during his interview that passengers are not allowed to board a plane if they aren’t wearing masks. However, employees have reported that once people are on the plane many try to take off their masks. Flight attendants have regularly tried to get the passengers to keep their masks on for the duration of the flight, warning that if they continue with their behavior they will not be allowed to fly with the company.

One infamous incident occurred on July 23. A Delta flight going to Atlanta, Georgia, went back to Detroit, Michigan after two passengers refused to keep their face coverings on. The flight later departed for its original destination. Social media has been flooded with viral videos of people asserting their individual rights. (Related: Harvard doctor wants US to enforce national mask mandate; Surgeon General says order may lead to REBELLION.)

Bastian has urged people who are considering flying without a mask to consider traveling with other airlines that have fewer restrictions, to figure out other means of traveling or to simply not travel at all.

Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he talks about how people can use the logic employed by the lunatic liberal mob in order to claim that they are wearing a face mask despite their objections over being forced to wear one.

Delta Air Lines more focused on profits than on upholding individual rights

In a letter Bastian sent to Delta employees on Thursday, August 6, the CEO talked about how the company needs to not only keep customers happy, but to also ensure that public health protocols are met. He emphasized that this was going to be Delta’s business strategy for the foreseeable future.


“We want to ensure that those who travel now are choosing Delta,” the letter read. This strategy will allow the company to bring in additional revenue, which will help keep them afloat and also “build additional loyalty and affinity for our brand, which will power our growth when demand begins to come back.”

Delta and other major American airline companies are focused on making sure that they make enough money, as the COVID-19 pandemic has tanked much of their revenue due to the slowdown in worldwide travel.

From April to June, the company reported that it had 93 percent fewer passengers than it did during the same three months last year. In July, the company’s second quarter report showed that Delta had a net loss of $5.7 billion, the largest since the 2008 financial crisis.

Delta and several other airlines announced early in June that they would be forcing their passengers to wear face masks whenever they fly on their planes. Other airline companies that have announced similar mask mandates include United Airlines and American Airlines.

Delta’s own mandatory mask policy came into effect on May 1 and it required all of the company’s passengers to wear a mask for the duration of the flight. The company has distinguished itself as having some of the strictest rules regarding masks among airline companies, such as preventing middle seats from being sold in order to maintain some level of social distancing between passengers.

Delta’s policy also requires people who want to be exempted from wearing a mask due to health concerns to go through a process known as the “Clearance to Fly screening process” before being allowed to board a Delta plane.

This screening takes place over the phone and is conducted in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). A physician has the final say over whether or not a person looking to fly can board the Delta plane without a mask. It can take up to an hour to complete.

If the physician finds that they are not allowed to fly without a mask, the customer can ask to be rebooked for a later flight or get a refund. If they insist on boarding the plane or if they make false medical claims, Delta can temporarily blacklist customers from booking flights with their company. The worst offenders, the company warns, can be permanently banned from flying with Delta.

Delta has not stated when their mask mandate will end.

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