Wikipedia actively supports, protects Antifa

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Image: Wikipedia actively supports, protects Antifa

(Natural News) It is no longer a secret that Wikipedia is a heavily biased, far-left-leaning propaganda website that promotes the violent agenda of the radical domestic terrorist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM). But are you aware of the tactics that Wikipedia uses to support and protect these anti-American movements?

Below are five tactics that Wikipedia uses to advance the political agendas of Antifa and BLM.

1) Downplaying violent, radical behavior

Just like the mainstream media, Wikipedia is framing the current civil unrest in deceptively polite terminology. Antifa and BLM are “peacefully protesting,” we are told, as Wikipedia leaves out the ugly details about statues being torn down, businesses being destroyed, and people being harmed and killed by violent thugs.

Wikipedia has repeatedly shielded both Antifa and BLM from the scrutiny they deserve by withholding pertinent information about their behavior and recasting their image with gentler descriptions and phrasing. It is propaganda at its finest, compliments of Wikipedia’s far-left editorial team.

2) Censoring the worst acts of violence

While Wikipedia has mentioned some of the violence taking place, it is intentionally leaving out the worst of it. Many entries associated with Antifa’s violent attack against independent journalist Andy Ngo censored the details about how this homosexual reporter was attacked with cement “milkshakes” by “loving” and “tolerant” Antifa terrorists.

Wikipedia has also bent over backward to censor the details about how Antifa terrorists attacked the home of Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson, damaging his property and threatening his family with violence. To Wikipedia, none of this happened, and Antifa are just perfect little angels.


3) Falsely accusing its critics of lying

When all else fails, Wikipedia routinely resorts to lying about those who are keeping a close eye on its partisan behavior. Wikipedia has repeatedly engaged in “smear campaigns” against its detractors, falsely labeling them as “conspiracy theorists” and attempting to discredit them in other ways through character assassination.

Using Ngo’s encounter with Antifa as a case-in-point, Wikipedia actually slanted the account of what happened to make Ngô look like the aggressor and the liar, even though he was the one who was victimized by these violent thugs during an unnecessary encounter.

4) Rationalizing Antifa violence as self-defense

Amazingly, Wikipedia has also on numerous occasions tried to justify Antifa’s violence by portraying it as necessary to fight back against “fascists” and “white supremacists.” Antifa is never the aggressor but is rather the defender of itself and others against evil “neo-Nazis” who are supposedly invading America’s cities.

Ngo, once again, has been a popular target of Wikipedia, whose editors have continually labeled him as a “fascist demagogue” and “white supremacist,” even though Ngo is an Asian man. Wikipedia has lobbed the same attacks against Carlson, as well as against members of the Proud Boys movement.

5) Minimizing violence associated with George Floyd “protests”

Most recently, Wikipedia has engaged in a massive propaganda campaign concerning the George Floyd protests, which are more accurately described as the George Floyd riots. Wikipedia has not only minimized the violent behavior of Antifa and BLM during these riots but also blamed the violence that it admits to on right-wing extremists, which are supposedly infiltrating the “protests” to make the “protesters” look bad.

On Wikipedia’s Antifa entry, various arrests that were made, as well as evidence presented, in conjunction with violent behavior have been completely censored or removed. Wikipedia’s editors have also gone out of their way to replace this missing information with other false information that tries to paint Antifa and BLM in a more positive light.

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