Pompeo says communist China knew of person-to-person coronavirus transmission but didn’t tell anyone while conspiring with WHO

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Image: Pompeo says communist China knew of person-to-person coronavirus transmission but didn’t tell anyone while conspiring with WHO

(Natural News) Appearing on a recent episode of the Fox News program “Bill Hemmer Reports,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told viewers that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knew about person-to-person transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) long before it told the rest of the world about it.

Further, the CCP conspired with the World Health Organization (WHO), or rather “was co-opted” to quote Pompeo, into likewise hiding this knowledge for the purpose of fulfilling the goals and agenda of communist China with its global plandemic.

“[I]t is the case that the Chinese Communist Party was aware of human-to-human transmission before they shared this with the world,” Pompeo is quoted as saying.

“And that the World Health Organization itself was co-opted into the same effort to deny the world the knowledge it needed to respond to this threat, to this threat from the virus that emanated from Wuhan, China.”

In accordance with his earlier promise to hold the CCP accountable for its crimes against humanity, Pompeo reiterated that the Trump administration is currently taking steps to hold the communist Chinese regime responsible for assaulting the rest of the world with a biological weapon.

Part of this involves restructuring America’s economic and territorial relationships with China, which for the past 40 years has been allowed to sway in China’s favor under every previous administration, both Democrat and Republican.

In other words, China’s bad behavior has been overlooked or ignored entirely, allowing the communist country to repeatedly take advantage of the United States and other nations for political, financial and territorial gain.


Had previous administrations done something earlier, “they could have prevented so much of this tragedy,” Pompeo says. The good news is that now there is a unified response among many nations to hold the Chinese government accountable for unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) upon the world.

Pompeo says “no more” looking away from China’s crimes against humanity

During his most recent rant against the CCP, Pompeo specifically called out Hong Kong-based virologist Dr. Yan Li-Meng, who recently fled to the U.S. Yan reportedly knew that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) could transfer between humans well before the rest of the world did, but chose to keep this information private at the behest of Beijing.

“I can see nations who are doing business in China who are rethinking about how to do that,” Pompeo further stated.

“If you are buying products that are a result of the slave labor that’s happening in the western part of China; if you’re a country that’s bent the knee to China because they tried to come fish in your waters that are rightly yours … I can see nations all around the world that are reasserting their claims, their sovereignty.”

Pompeo added that China is going to “pay a price” for its crimes against humanity, adding that President Trump is fully motivated to take whatever action is necessary to remedy this scourge upon the world.

Already, both Japan and Australia have indicated their support for a U.S. plan to reject most of Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. There are also changes being made all across Asia that defy the CCP in accordance with Pompeo’s statements.

“Countries, not only in Southeast Asia, but in Asia more broadly … have come to understand the threat that the Chinese Communist Party presents,” Pompeo noted.

“For democracies and freedom-loving people around the world, it is an imperative that we push back against the challenge that the Chinese Communist Party presents to us all,” he concluded, adding that the age of looking the other way in response to China’s crimes and abuses is “no more.”

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