Missing from the national conversation on coronavirus is any talk about nutritional science

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Image: Missing from the national conversation on coronavirus is any talk about nutritional science

(Natural News) There is so much talk on the news these days about the need for more government intervention to preserve public health that many people have been led to believe that there is no other way to protect themselves against infection with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But what about nutrition?

Nutritional science is all but completely absent from the national conversation on plandemic solutions, which is unfortunate considering that there are ways people can help protect themselves right now that have nothing to do with new future vaccines or novel, magic-bullet therapeutics.

As we are seeing with the ongoing crusade against hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc, even old-time remedies are being shunned in favor of more government control over people’s lives, which is continually presented as the only “cure” for the plandemic.

“Let’s be honest; inexpensive, safe drugs or natural alternatives like herbal or nutritional compounds won’t provide pharma with the big payday they are banking on from COVID-19,” reports Children’s Health Defense (CHD). “They are opportunists, and you can bet they are going to make the most out of this opportunity.”

Much like parasites, bacteria, and yes, even viruses, the opportunists in government who do not want you to know about things like quinone and vitamin D would rather have you deathly afraid of an invisible virus that has “no cure” so that they can provide you with said “cure” when the time is just right.

“These pharma opportunists are getting our government to fund the development and production of these drugs and vaccines to the tune of billions of dollars … AND they will potentially reap hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue from the sales (all underwritten by each of us taxpayers),” CHD further reveals.

Glutathione is critical for mitigating the oxidative stress caused by infection

In other words, vaccine manufacturers are being awarded handsome contracts to produce liability-free vaccines, all while not having to foot a penny in terms of investment. It is a dream come true for Big Pharma, and a nightmare coming to fruition for the general public.

Even though there are literally thousands of studies out there demonstrating the effectiveness of natural compounds that help to treat viral infections, the medical deep state has instead chosen to focus on “future cures” that do not yet exist, encouraging the public to anxiously await their arrival.

“They do that in numerous ways, but the two overarching strategies is first to prime or boost the body’s own ability to attack and destroy the pathological microbes and second, to block key biochemical pathways that the virus needs to enter the cell and proliferate,” CHD reports about these natural compounds, one of which is glutathione, the “master” antioxidant.

“In COVID-19’s case, these pathways into the cell are called the ACE-2 receptors. The cells lining the lungs and airways are particularly rich in these receptors making the lungs a receptive target for COVID-19. Nutritional compounds can also effectively manage the high levels of inflammation and collateral damage caused by the infection, which is one of the main reasons the COVID-19 infection can reach catastrophic levels and, in some cases becomes fatal.”

How glutathione can help is by fighting infection and mitigating the damaging effects of oxidative stress that it produces. When glutathione is in short supply inside the body, oxidative stress quickly gets out of control, resulting in more disease, more sickness, and possibly loss of life.

“Therefore, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress naturally not only decreases the severity of the infection and risk of death, but also the long-term health altering after-effects post infection,” CHD further adds.

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