Big Tech steps in, yanks America’s Frontline Doctors video, pages from the Internet

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Image: Big Tech steps in, yanks America’s Frontline Doctors video, pages from the Internet

(Natural News) Just days after their appearance in Washington where they touted the efficacy of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a cure for the highly infectious disease COVID-19, a group of physicians known as “America’s Frontline Doctors” have found their online presence scrubbed, with their website now coming up as “expired.”

This is in addition to the removal of the video of their press conference from social media networks Facebook and Twitter, as well as from the Google-owned video-hosting website YouTube.

As reported by the website Heavy, the group’s site, which was hosted by Squarespace, now brings back an error message noting that the website is “expired.”

Their domain, however, was just registered on July 16, 2020, and is not set to expire until July 16, 2021.

Aside from their main domain, other websites related to one of the doctors who spoke at the conference, Stella Immanuel, have also been brought down, such as her personal website and that of her church ministry.

In response to the censorship, the group has since held a second press conference where they called for an end to what they said was the “paralyzing fear” of the ongoing pandemic, as engineered by Big Tech, Big Pharma, mainstream media and various other elements.

“We’re coming after you Big Tech, we’re coming after you,” Simone Gold, one of the doctors leading the effort, said, noting that their group will not be “silenced.”

Who are “America’s Frontline Doctors?”

Formed just this year by Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of the influential far-right group Tea Party Patriots, America’s Frontline Doctors is composed of more than 600 medical professionals who have signed a letter emphasizing that Hydroxychloroquine has been unnecessarily politicized.


According to the group, their public speaking engagements – such as the one held in Washington ?– are all part of their effort to reduce fears over the coronavirus pandemic.

This was emphasized by a message posted on the Tea Party Patriots website, which stressed that the coronavirus pandemic has sparked a massive disinformation campaign that has caused many people to live in constant fear.

“American life has fallen casualty to a massive disinformation campaign. We can speculate on how this has happened, and why it has continued, but the purpose of the American Frontline Doctor’s Summit is to empower Americans to stop living in fear,” the Tea Party Patriots said.

Aside from Stella Immanuel, a Cameroon-born primary care physician and pastor based in Houston, and emergency medicine specialist Simone Gold, the group’s more prominent members also include California-based pediatrician Bob Hamilton, osteopathic doctor Dan Erickson, ophthalmologist Richard Urso, Detroit-based James Todaro and hospitalist Joe Ladapo.

Among the group, only Ladapo and Immanuel have claimed to have treated COVID-19 patients.

America’s Frontline Doctors get Trump approval

While the group’s footage of their press conference at the Supreme Court was already watched by an impressive number of people, it received a substantial boost in viewers after it was shared by President Donald Trump — himself a proponent of using hydroxychloroquine as a treatment option for COVID-19 — to his 84 million Twitter followers.

President Trump, in a press conference, also heaped praise on Immanuel, calling the Houston-based doctor “an important voice” in the current fight against COVID-19.

“With hydroxy, all I want to do is save lives,” President Trump, who has been extolling the purported properties of hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19 since May, said.

“All I want to do is save lives,” President Trump repeated.

The now-infamous video was also shared by Donald Trump Jr. and even pop singer Madonna, with the latter even calling Immanuel a “hero” for speaking up about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine.

“Some people do not want to hear the truth, especially the people in power who stand to make money from this drawn-out search for a vaccine,” Madonna said.

Both posts, however, have since been flagged and deleted from the Internet.

“Twitter and Jack have suspended Donald J Trump Jr for posting a viral video of medical doctors talking about Hydroxychloroquine,” Andrew Surabiana, a Republican strategist and an adviser and spokesman to Trump Jr, said.

As of this writing, 4,727,879 Americans have been confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus, while 155,814 have been confirmed to have died from COVID-19.

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