Congress won’t take action against Big Tech because they’ve bought them off, Rep. Gaetz says

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Image: Congress won’t take action against Big Tech because they’ve bought them off, Rep. Gaetz says

(Natural News) It’s no secret that the Big Tech firms and major social media platforms have a strong liberal bias, but addressing the problem isn’t going to be easy. Perhaps the biggest obstacle, according to Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), is that much of Congress is essentially bought off by Big Tech.

Speaking on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, Gaetz described Google as “the most dangerous election interference organization in the world.” And while President Trump has long called Big Tech out on their bias, Gaetz believes that Congress won’t take action against them on this matter and others because they’ve been bought off by Big Tech.

He explained the connection on Fox Business’s Mornings With Maria, saying: “Far too much of Congress is bought off by Big Tech, whether it’s through PAC donations or whether, frankly, a lot of Big Tech goes and hires up everybody’s staff to work for them and it’s quite an incestuous process.”

He also drew a scary parallel between Google’s actions and those of the Chinese Communist Party. He said that while Google has pulled out of deals that were meant to ensure the safety of our service members, they have no qualms about partnering with the Chinese military. He pointed out that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, has even said that Google is benefiting the Chinese military directly. Moreover, he says, it seems that Google is trying to turn our country into China.

His comments came as the CEOs of Google parent company Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Apple testified in front of the Antitrust Subcommittee of the House of Representatives last week. The subcommittee’s year-long investigation into whether or not these firms have too much control over the market is drawing to a close, and the testimonies will be used to complete their investigation into anti-competitive practices. Several of the questions were about China and bias against conservatives.


Studies show anti-conservative bias in action

A recent study revealed that the top search results for politically-charged keywords were 40 percent more likely to list pages that have a “left” or “far left” slant than those with a slant to the right side of the spectrum. On top of that, 16 percent of the searches for the political keywords studied did not list any right-leaning pages whatsoever. These included terms such as “abortion:”, “global warming”, “Iraq war” and “campaign finance reform”.

The ramifications are huge when you consider that 87 percent of the population goes to Google first when they have a question about something. A survey in the 2012 election cycle found that 49 percent of persuadable voters get news about the election and campaigns online, largely via Google and other search engines, and such voters tend to trust the information that they find online.

A different study, meanwhile, found that Google chooses liberal sites five times more often than those considered conservative. Although Fox News often outranks CNN in TV ratings, got more than three times the number of links that did.

Another trick up Big Tech’s sleeve is censoring those voices that express a more conservative viewpoint. Videos about the evidence-supported dangers of vaccines have been taken down by sites like Facebook and Instagram, who simply slap a “misinformation” label on anything they don’t agree with so they have an excuse to remove it. Many conservatives have been shadow-banned and outright banned by these platforms.

Gaetz also said that at a meeting that included Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, the company’s top executive team stated they planned to stop President Trump in four years and “make his victory just a populist blip in history.” Pichai, he says, has also admitted that engineers can alter search results and change things in blacklists so conservative sites like The Daily Caller, Breitbart, and The Federalist won’t appear in results.

He said of Big Tech: “They want to control what you see so they can control what you think and how you act, and a free society must stand against this.”

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