Terrence Popp from Redonkulas.com Productions warns that “something Marxist this way comes” – watch at Brighteon.com

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Image: Terrence Popp from Redonkulas.com Productions warns that “something Marxist this way comes” – watch at Brighteon.com

(Natural News) Confirming what the Health Ranger has been saying about the threat of escalating civil unrest, Terrence Popp from Redonkulas.com Productions has put up a new video at Brighteon.com that warns about this Marxist uprising and what it means for America.

Right now in Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere, as you probably already know, the makings of a civil war are at play. Rioters and looters from Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, and other domestic terrorist groups are wreaking as much havoc as they possibly can in an attempt to destabilize large cities and plunge the country into full-on civil war.

For the time being, these warzones, and many are calling them, remain isolated to a handful of urban cores. But in time, the plan is to spread them out into the suburbs, with BLM and Antifa mobs carrying out what the Health Ranger describes as “armed flash mob” killing sprees, particularly against White communities.

“Their goal is probably to make it so vicious and terrible that it kicks off a race war,” Popp also warns, using much of the same language. “You’re going to cause people to basically pack up and go full tribal, and then it’s going to get really interesting.”

Check out the video below from Brighteon.com for Popp’s full analysis of the situation and where he believes it all is headed:

The goal is to remove all white people, replace free American society with leftist slavery

Responding to the call for “law and order” among some, President Donald Trump is sending in federal officers to these warzones in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Many of his opposers claim that this is fascism in action, and they are calling these federal officers Trump’s “storm troopers,” and other such inflammatory names.

The situation is clearly spiraling out of control in many of these areas, which all seems to be part of a larger plan to usher in a new Marxist society governed by the socialist mob.

Another factor at play is communist Chinese involvement in procuring weaponry and other tools being used to exacerbate the unrest, including through California Governor Gavin Newsom’s face mask money-laundering scheme.

“China has been caught smuggling weapons and other various forms of equipment into this country,” Popp says. “I saw it on a couple of news feeds that I monitor … and this isn’t like the semi-automatic AK-47s of the mid- to early-90s. This is real war [stuff] like machine guns and various other top-quality [stuff].”

“You don’t get that stuff for hobbyists or people who just want to defend themselves,” he adds. “These are weapons of war.”

As for BLM, Popp says that the domestic terrorist movement has been receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from up to 270 U.S. corporations, many of which just so happen to sell goods manufactured in communist China.

Stopping short of accusing all of these companies of knowingly funding the communist uprising that is BLM, Popp does warn that it is happening nonetheless and that Americans need to be prepared for what is coming.

“The goal of Black Lives Matter is to achieve the complete overthrow of the United States of America, to be replaced by a Marxist authoritarian regime where White people are executed, churches are burned to the ground, and corporate-fascism authoritarians (like Google, Facebook, Disney, etc.) rule the enslaved nation, where thought crimes are punishable by death, and all speech is heavily censored and controlled by the regime,” warns the Health Ranger, noting that when it all hits the fan, there will be no more calling the police for help.

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